Hialeah Senior Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of Hialeah Senior Living Options

A Loving Place

Review by Local Professional


Facility is poorly maintained by management. The building is a bit disorganized and dirty. The staff appeared distracted. There was minimal interaction between the residents within the facility. The building is safe and secure but has multiple internal issues. There are multiple plumbing issues as well...

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Hialeah ALF Inc (formerly Adam Home Inc.)

Review by Local Professional


Facility is very tranquil. Residents are extremely pleasant and looked engaged. There are multiple options for residents to get engaged throughout the day. The staff members were extremely dedicated and focused on the tasks and their duties. Many residents appeared to be friendly and calm...

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Adam Home No. 2 Inc.

Review by Local Professional


The facility offers multiple opportunities for residents to get engaged. There are various tasks that residents could engage in in order to stay active and alert including interacting with friendly mates. The food is a bit bland, but the menu options offer variety including nutritious meals...

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All America ACLF

Review by Local Professional


If you're a very social person, you will never become lonely in the atmosphere. There is a lot to do and there are multiple opportunities for involvement. Most residents are in the community room engaged in various games, arts and activities. The staff members are also very informative...

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Alpha & Omega Residential, Inc

Review by Local Professional


Facility has several maintenance issues. There is a large porch area where residents socialize, but when you enter the building, there is an undeniable stench emitting from the carpets. It smells like death. It is extremely overpowering and hard not to notice...

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Care and Love Retirement Home, LLC

Review by Local Professional


Well maintained facility. The staff members are nice and courteous. The residents appeared engaged and happy. There were multiple opportunities to get involved including attending movie outings. The facility is clean and well kept. Many residents are older and have vulnerable needs...

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Map of Hialeah Senior Living Options

Information About Senior Living Option in Hialeah

Located in Miami-Dade County in the southeast corner of the state, Hialeah is home to approximately 218,000 residents, including many seniors. Hialeah senior living attracts retirees due to its sunny weather and desirable South Florida location. Incorporated in 1925, Hialeah was the original home to the Miami Movie Studios and is where aviator Amelia Earhart left the U.S. on her ill-fated world tour in 1937. Today, Hialeah's population is predominately Hispanic with a large Cuban immigrant community.

Hialeah Attractions

Hialeah's tropical climate, proximity to the Atlantic ocean and large Cuban community means this area is filled with activities and events throughout the year. There's always something to do here, and senior living in Hialeah often includes visits to the Hialeah Park Race Track, an internationally known horse-racing course listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Shoppers can escape the midday heat at the Westland Mall, home to over 100 shops and restaurants, and experience authentic Cuban food and music at the annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration each Autumn.

Hialeah Senior Activities

Senior living in Hialeah often includes regular visits to one of the two Adult Centers operated by the Hialeah Recreation and Community Services Department. At the centers, Hialeah seniors enjoy free art classes, gentle exercise groups and chess clubs seven days a week. The Adult Centers are also home to a number of clubs for seniors, including the Cuban-American and Super Seniors clubs. Special events include theme dances and group trips to baseball games and concerts.

Hialeah Medical Facilities

If the need for medical care arises, Hialeah senior living offers peace of mind with a number of healthcare services both in the city and throughout Miami-Dade County. Hialeah Hospital offers specialized services for patients over the age of 65, including an Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit. The ACE Unit is designed to both reduce hospitalization for seniors and provide specialized geriatric medical treatments. Other services at the Hialeah Hospital include an outpatient rehabilitation center, stroke care and sleep disorders program. In nearby Miami, the University of Miami Health System has a Geriatric Medicine Department dedicated to providing world-class healthcare for seniors.

Hialeah Transportation

Senior living in Hialeah includes access to both the Hialeah Transit and Miami-Dade Transit systems, where adults age 65 and older enjoy discounted transit fares with the Golden Passport EASY Card. All buses and Metrorail trains in Miami-Dade County are wheelchair-accessible, and many routes feature kneeling buses that make boarding easier. The county’s Special Transportation Service (STS) offers door-to-door service in lift-equipped vans 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the county for persons with disabilities who have difficulties using the regular transit system.

Find Hialeah Senior Living

For retirees who are looking to settle in a warm tropical climate with affordable housing, extensive public transit and access to specialized healthcare services, senior living in Hialeah may be the right choice. Browse our comprehensive directory to find Assisted Living, Independent Living and Retirement Communities in Hialeah. Written by senior housing staff writer. Back to Top