Wilmington Senior Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of Wilmington Senior Living Options

Foulk Manor North

Review by Frances


I visited Foulk Manor North, but I didn't like it very much. The rooms were very nice and the place itself was clean and tidy, but not particularly exciting. The manager was not there when we showed up because they didn't really believe that we were coming.

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The Lorelton

Review by Frances


I visited The Lorelton. The place was wonderful and the residents were very nice people. The apartments were beautiful, I wish I could have stayed there myself. The place is clean, attractive, and I liked it very much. I would rate them the highest across all directions.

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Shipley Manor

Review by Linda, Realtor in Delaware


My mother in law is living there and you can not find a nicer community. The staff are friendly and caring. I am a Realtor and have visited many clients in senior living in the area but this place is top notch.

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Forwood Manor

Review by Mary


We liked Forwood Manor the best. It looked really clean and everything was updated and new. It might not be a new facility, but everything was kept up well and we really liked that. Everybody seemed really friendly there...

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Ivy Gables

Review by Rosemary


This is a small and intimate senior living building. The care staff, nursing and food service staff are lovely. The building is very clean. It is lacking in activity for more independent individuals...

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Sunrise of Wilmington

Review by Frances


We visited Sunrise of Wilmington, and they're really nice. The staff that was there accommodated me just fine. I didn't really like the setup with the residents that much, but the place itself was clean and perfectly OK.

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