San Jose Retirement Communities

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of San Jose Retirement Communities

Carlton Senior Living San Jose

Review by Local Professional


The Carlton Plaza in San Jose is a clean, very pleasant facility in the Blossom Valley area of San Jose. A few years ago, my mother-in-law was transitioning from a stay in the hospital back to independent living. The Carlton and the staff afforded the opportunity for her to make that transition easily...

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Carlton Senior Living San Jose

Review by Kathy Oslow


I visited this community in June and was amazed to see the kind of gratitude, humility and selflessness these guys are filled with at Carlton Plaza of San Jose. My friend's mother is staying there for last three years...

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Information About Retirement Community in San Jose

Lazy days in the sun are just a few words that help to explain the San Jose retirement communities and the surrounding suburbs. Not only is this a warm location but it is filled with different attractions and events that will appeal to people of all ages. In a city that has a population of over seven hundred thousand people, over seven million if considering the urban and metro areas, the different cultures that come together help to make the city of San Jose a cultural mixing bowl. It is is the biggest city in the Silicon Valley and rivals some of the biggest urban areas in the United States.

Attractions to See in San Jose

San Jose tends to attract in visitors from numerous parts of the world. Some of the attractions cater prominently to their visitors. One great attraction in the San Jose area is the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. This attraction is great for people of all ages and provides senior family fun. It also features different amenities and attractions that can be found in theme parks. If technology is of interest, checking out the Tech Museum is an excellent choice. This museum is features modern pieces and explains different pieces of technology and how they have affected our lives today. This museum has some great interactive exhibits. If Egyptian artifacts or their culture intrigue a senior, then visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a great option. This museum features some of the largest exhibitions of Egyptian artifacts. The Japanese Friendship garden provides a calming atmosphere for a great walk through a park that features waterfalls and bonsai trees. Most of the San Jose retirement communities are located near activities and events that cater to the seniors of the community.

Senior Activities in San Jose

The San Jose retirement communities provide seniors with a variety of different activities, events and programs that they can participate in. Not only does it bring seniors together to socialize but it allows for seniors to take advantage of different activities and to sign up for the activities that interest them. Some of the senior centers in San Jose include the South Side senior center, the Almaden community center, and many more. San Jose is a haven for seniors and provides numerous different activities, events, and festivals that will make it hard for a senior to not find something to do.

San Jose Medical Facilities

When it comes to ensuring the health of the seniors located in San Jose retirement communities there is no end to the services that the San Jose medical facilities offer. The Regional Medical Center of San Jose excels at the care and treatment of cancer patients as well as being one of the primary stroke centers in the United States. Finding specialists at the Regional Medical Center is easier now that they have renovated and added onto their hospital creating specialist areas for different medical fields.

San Jose Transportation

Providing transportation for seniors as they enter a San Jose retirement community with their family can be a difficult process but it is one that will continue to make the family feel at home. If they are unable to drive themselves, San Jose has private transportation services that are made available to the elderly and to those who are disabled and cannot drive. Sometimes public transportation is easier to manage and more cost effective, so it is fortunate that the city of San Jose provides transportation via the light rail and the bus lines. In certain areas there is a rail service that provides transportation in certain areas of the Santa Clara County. Transportation will come to the doors of seniors in San Jose senior communities. San Jose is an excellent area to settle down in when looking for a retirement community to join. Not only does San Jose provide numerous different events but it provides all the necessary amenities that a senior would not be able to live without. Back to Top