Hayward Assisted Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of Hayward Assisted Living Facilities

Casa Sandoval

Review by Visitor


The people at Casa Sandoval are wonderful. This is one place I could afford; for my husband and myself, it would be $5,000 the first year and would go up in increments depending on how much attention my husband would need. Casa Sandoval was excellent and in a nice location. The food was lovely...

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Casa Sandoval

Review by Visitor


I don't like Casa Sandoval. I smelled pee, which I didn't like. The staff was so-so. I only spoke to one person, and he was nice. The place was OK.

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Map of Hayward Assisted Living Facilities

Information About Assisted Living Facility in Hayward

Hayward, CaliforniaFrom its humble beginnings as a trading post during the California Gold Rush, Hayward has grown into one of the major suburbs of the city of Oakland and the sixth largest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Assisted living in Hayward is a popular choice among California seniors due to its warm climate and convenient Easy Bay location just over the San Mateo Bridge.

Hayward Recreation

The Hayward Area Recreation & Park District (HARD) is the largest recreation district in California and provides recreational services to more than 250,000 residents. Many of its over 100 parks and facilities have received national and state recognition for innovation and design. The district is home to the Douglas Morrison Theatre, a 250-seat performing arts center, and Kennedy Park, a large local park named after President John F. Kennedy. Hayward is also home to Southland Mall, the most expansive shopping center in the city. Department stores such as JC Penney, Macy's, Kohl's, Ross and Sears provide numerous shopping opportunities for residents of assisted living in Hayward.

Hayward Activities

istock_000003726327xsmall2Seniors who choose assisted living in Hayward make new friends and learn new skills at the Hayward Area Senior Center and the Kenneth Aitken Senior & Community Center for adults aged 60 years and older. The centers' facilities include computer labs, pool tables and libraries, and offer scheduled activities such as luncheons, day tours, educational programs, social services, bingo and other special events. Seniors participate in various classes where they learn to swim, dance or use the computer. It is almost impossible for assisted living residents to want for anything to do with all the productive activities available to them while living in the city.

Hayward Medical Facilities

Residents of assisted living in Hayward maintain their good health at one of the many top-notch medical facilities in the area including St. Rose Hospital. St. Rose is particularly well-known for its Centers of Excellence in Oncology and Cardiology but has been providing the highest quality of care in all medical specialties to Hayward residents since 1962.

Hayward Transportation

Transportation for seniors enjoying assisted living in Hayward is managed by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) agency. BART stations are equipped with features and facilities that make them accessible for seniors and persons with disabilities. Discount tickets for seniors aged 65 and older are available. In addition to its normal services, BART coordinates with other local transit operators to offer ADA paratransit services for the seniors and the disabled. ADA certified riders can ride in special sedans and lift vans designed for those who are unable to use the BART trains.

Find Assisted Living in Hayward

Hayward is a place where your loved one will feel they can live a fruitful and productive life in their golden years. Find an assisted living community in the area by visiting our Hayward Assisted Living page. Written by senior housing staff writer. Back to Top