Why Technology Matters in Senior Living

Earlier this week, we revealed some details about how our call center technology works. But why does it matter? Does it really matter at all? It’s actually critically important – both for seniors and their families who call us and the customers that we, SeniorHomes.com, serve. Here’s why.

Families are desperately seeking help

Searching for senior housing can be a grueling, frustrating experience. Families are faced with so many options, so many choices, and given so much information at a time when they’re already filled with guilt and trepidation. It doesn’t take much to push a family over the stress threshold during this time, especially if the need for senior living came about suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sometimes, clients call us with urgent needs. Maybe a loved one fell and injured herself or suffered another setback that makes it unsafe for her to remain in her current living environment. When family lives in another state, it’s no simple matter to arrange someone to stay with an aging loved one. They often don’t know where to turn to get the best, most reliable information – or even any information at all, especially when they’re at a long-distance disadvantage, making it impossible for them to tour communities. They need help now, and nothing is more frustrating than making calls only to leave endless voicemails.

We provide immediate support and information

When seniors or their loved ones call us for help, we’re often the first contact they’ve made with anyone in the senior living industry. And we’re right there, ready to help them at the drop of a hat, providing prompt, courteous and friendly support and understanding when they need it most. So when that call is made, we’re doing a number of things:

  • Helping them decide what type of housing is the right fit
  • Helping them navigate through the various features and amenities that they need
  • Helping them determine the features and amenities that best suit their lifestyles or personal preferences
  • Putting them in contact with facilities who can provide tours and in-person interviews and evaluations with ease

When we do all that, we’ve just made things a whole lot simpler. Quickly.

And many of our callers breathe a sigh of relief. Finally – help!

Starting things off on a positive note

Now we’ve started them out with a really positive experience, and they’re going into tours and interviews with an open mind. They don’t have any preconceived notions about the quality of a senior living community simply because their initial experience wasn’t a pleasant one. But they certainly could, if their experience with our staff here at SeniorHomes.com didn’t meet our quality standards.

If a client has a negative experience with a company like SeniorHomes.com, they’re probably suspicious and untrusting of any other representatives of the industry. They might go into a tour looking for things that are wrong. And they may pass on the perfect senior living community for their aging loved one just because they carried over those negative emotions.

How many times have you had an unfortunate encounter? A bad experience, say, shopping at the mall? It only takes one poor customer service experience to sour your mood for the whole day. And if you visit subsequent stores after having a bad experience, don’t you find yourself looking at other store clerks with a little more suspicion – even though they’re not the person who treated you poorly?

The same principle holds true here. By starting our clients off on a bright, friendly and positive note, we’re setting the stage for them to have a great experience throughout their search for senior housing. Because where they end up at the end of their search may very well be the place they call home for the remainder of their Golden Years.

This is just one example of the ways technology helps companies create a better customer experience. In the senior living and healthcare industry, technology is bringing things to light that were never-before possible, such as monitoring home care patients remotely, diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease earlier than ever before, creating new, more effective and fun methods for delivering physical therapy, and so much more. Technology matters, and it’s shaping the future.

Article by Angela Stringfellow

Image via Stock.xchng by intuitives

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