Tips for a Longer, Happier Life — And How to Save for It

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All of us want to live a long, happy life with comfortable financial stability. Here are some tips on how to do just that.


1. Eat Right

Diet matters a lot when it comes to your health and longevity. However, you don’t have to follow the trendiest diet-du-jour in order to be healthy and live longer. Multiple studies have shown that many of the people who live past 100 eat what would be called a Mediterranean diet, which means high in fruits, nuts, healthy fats, and vegetables, low on meat.

Case in point: many centenarians live in Mediterranean countries. This diet has also been linked to better brain health and lower risk for heart disease.

Financial Tip: Eating right can coincide with saving money. When you cook your own healthy meals, it’s far cheaper than eating out. You’re saving on medical bills in the long run, too.

Here’s another simple tip – switch soda and flavored drinks for water. Soda and other sugary drinks are expensive and can cause weight gain. Drink water to benefit your health and your wallet.


2. Be Mindful

We all know it’s good to practice mind-body-spirit awareness. Listen to your body, feed the soul, and so on. In fact, meditation and other forms of mindfulness are good candidates for this list. But that’s not what this tip is about. This is about being prudent and dependable.

Scientists who studied longevity over an 80-year span in The Longevity Project at Stanford University found that people who were conscientiousness tended to live longer lives.

People assume that it’s the relaxed personalities among us that live longer. That’s not necessarily true, according to the researchers. They speculate that people who are “prudent, persistent, and well-organized” tend to make better choices in life.

Financial Tip: Apply prudence, persistence, and organization to your finances. Do you have a budget, an emergency fund, and a retirement fund? These are just a few of the basic elements of good money management. If you need help in this area, a one-hour session with a financial advisor might help you get things sorted out.


3. Stay in School Your Whole Life

Your high school days may be far behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be getting an education. Scientists have linked higher education to a longer life — as much as nine years longer.

Again, the explanation has to do with decision-making. Like people who are persistent and well-organized, people who are highly educated tend to make better choices in their life when it comes to their health.

Financial Tip: How much do you know about saving for retirement? Mutual fund? IRAs? Life insurance policies? There are plenty of well-written blogs that regularly share expert information about personal finance.

The Internet is a wonderful thing, so take advantage and learn as much as you can about your own finances. Understanding money will help you make better choices about how to spend and save.


4. Downsize and Reduce Stress

Are you an empty nester? Do you find that your house requires more work than it used to? Your house may be causing you unnecessary stress. You may want to consider downsizing.

Decide what downsizing means to you and how it can positively impact your life. Ask yourself: do I still need this? Does this item make me happy? Questions like this will help you decide whether to downsize by removing a few items or completely relocating to a space that better suits your needs. See 8 tips on downsizing your home.

Financial Tip: There are hidden costs to home ownership. You may think you’re saving money by staying in your house, but you could be wrong. Have you considered downsizing your house and moving to a retirement community? Learn about the hidden costs of home ownership, then decide whether a retirement community is the right choice for you.

As you progress through the stages of adopting these tips, remember that none of the advice you’ve received here today is impossible to put into action. You can start today, and none of this has to cost you a dime. In fact, weaving these tips into your life should help you start saving more money while living longer and healthier.



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