Staying Safe at Any Age

These days, “home security” is a rather holistic term. Not only do we want to keep an eye on our house while we’re gone, we also want to set the lights, turn up the thermostat, and make sure the sprinklers are firing properly. Some precautions can even seem unnecessary and are easy to let fall by the wayside. The amount of technology involved in securing one’s home can seem daunting at times and can make one wonder if a home security system is even necessary, especially if a resident has gotten along fine without one.

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The truth of the matter is, as you age, having a proper security system or precautions set in place becomes more necessary for a variety of reasons. In fact, the Bureau of Justice reports have shown that the elderly have become more frequently targeted for home invasions or burglaries.

The following five safety tips are specifically for the elderly but can act as a jumping-off point to provide yourself the perfect level of protection no matter what stage in life you are.

Tip #1

The majority of seniors lack the mobility and dexterity of a typical burglar and may not be physically strong enough to fend off an attacker. This is why a fence surrounding the senior’s property would be ideal. But be careful, some security fences can also hide an intruder once they’ve breached the property. Bump your protection up a notch by having motion-activated lights installed along the fence; in addition to scaring away possible intruders, the light can help warn seniors, giving them time to call the authorities.

Tip #2

Most elderly, when compared to younger home invasion victims, are home at the time of the crime. However, just because they are at home does not mean they are constantly keeping an eye on every inch of their property. This is where third party monitoring comes in handy. A team of trained professionals can keep an eye on your property 24/7 and alert the authorities if a threat is detected.


Sadly, most burglars will walk right in unlocked front doors if they knock and there’s no answer, which can be a scary thing when you consider most seniors live alone and may take a minute or two to get to the front door. Always make sure to install deadbolt locks on every door that leads from the inside of the house out.  Step it up a notch when choosing your lock, making sure to purchase a vertical deadbolt. For the consideration of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or arthritis, an electronic door lock may be the perfect solution.

Tip #4

This next tip serves a dual purpose and it involves proper lighting. Not only does an automated lighting system help seniors travel safely from room to room in the dark of night by automatically lighting the way, automated lights can be set on timers to deter thieves when the resident is away visiting family or simply out for the day.

Tip #5

Some seniors may be living on a budget or lack the know-how to install a complicated home security system, but there are still options for those who are either not technologically savvy or who just have a tight budget. By purchasing a home security sign and stickers for your yard and windows, you can make it look like you have a fancy security system and scare off possible burglars for a little less than twenty dollars. Seventy-five percent of burglars and intruders will not attempt a break-in if they see these signs in a yard or window.

Now that you know how and where to start with your home security system, don’t be a victim! Getting a safer and more secure home really is a lot easier than you thought no matter how old or young you are.


Rachel Green is a freelance writer and independent researcher for Her fortes include personal security and mobile technologies and she shares her insights on various mobile technology and home security blogs.

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