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In this week’s Senior Voices we feature some of the most dynamic women who have made helping people and seniors in particular their lifelong mission.

Each of them gives us a unique and personal look into their everyday lives. And by sharing these experiences, they hope that they could inspire and help us live life to the fullest.


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fifty is the new forty

Pam Sissons started in 2007. Like many other women, she found herself turning fifty facing empty nest, career changes and some uncertainty about what the future might bring. Writing about what it felt like led her to explore what entering midlife and beyond meant to other women.

Her interviews with vital and successful post-50 women have included former ABC news anchor Joan Lunden, actress Linda Evans, bestselling author and TV commentator Gail Saltz M.D., and Criminal Profiler Pat Brown and many others.

Her most moving and inspirational interview was with Trisha Meili, also known as the Central Park Jogger. Her website explores the positive realities of life after fifty for women, from fashion and beauty, to family, careers and health.

Joan’s Boomer Blog


Helping Boomers Find Wealth, Health and Happiness in the Second Half of Life

When I first thought of creating this website for baby boomers, I wanted to help people over 50 create multiple streams of income to supplement their retirement. This is what I’m doing for myself and I know finances are a huge issue for those facing retirement. However, when I stopped to think about it, there are many issues specific to baby boomers: health and fitness after 50, seeing our own parent, if we’re lucky enough to still have them, get older and frailer, while our children are moving away from us to lives of their own (hopefully!). I know that the others over 50 are still trying, as I am, to decide “what I’m going to be when I grow up” while all the time realizing that the years left to us are not unlimited.

Retirement As You Want It

Karma Kitaj, certified life coach, is the owner of Life Spring Coaching, at the Crossroads of Your Life. She coaches people at all transitions through the life cycle from college grads who want to create a stupendous year before work or grad school to Baby Boomers who want to design a meaningful life after leaving their regular responsibilities.

She is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in helping people reach their highest potential by unblocking the parts of them that restrain their personal and professional fulfillment. She wrote and published Women Who Could…and Did (, a book about high-achieving older women. Now I’m writing another book about famous equestriennes, called Women Riders Who Could…and Did:Life Stories of High Achieving Equestriennes.

Not a risk-taker, she started to ride horses at age 50 even though she never played sports as a kid, because she didn’t like sweating. A life-long learner, she went back to school to get her PhD in her forties. She still lives with her husband of 23 years and they each have a grown child from their previous marriages. Life is full and wondrous, each day bringing new challenges, new things to learn – Karma.


Baby Boomer Travels for the Body and Mind

I am a recovering Philadelphia lawyer.  A few years ago, I resigned as a shareholder at the small law firm I helped to found and gave up ten hour work days for a part-time, somewhat flexible work-load writing appellate briefs.  Now that most legal research and brief filing is done on-line, I can work — wherever and whenever.  I found out that too much of my identity was invested in my legal career for me to quit lawyering cold turkey.  I still can’t quite get that legal monkey off my back.

Part of my impetus for giving up a career in the crash and burn lane of full-time lawyering after twenty-five years, was to be able to devote myself more fully to non-legal (as opposed toillegal) writing and to be available as a “trailing spouse” to accompany my physician-scientist husband on his travels.  (The perk of academic medicine (if you like to travel) is that medical researchers are encouraged to share their work and to collaborate globally).  The extra “free” time has also come in handy as my aging parents have needed more of my attention.

Aging US

As an aging boomer, I am wishing to proactively confront my aging process.  Of course, there is no way of predicting how any of us will age, but I do believe that dealing with it at an earlier stage in life will allow [me] to be better prepared down the road.

Through this webpage, I plan to concentrate on the questions that surround boomer’s aging.  We will focus on how the politics of aging, health and aging, and, society’s focus on youth and mobility will affect us as we move into our “twilight” years.  Discussions and articles will explore how the Age Wave of older Americans will impact society as more and more baby boomers move into the 65+ category.   The last big topic that will be covered will be the question of living environments, including the  national examination of the concept of liveable communities.

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