Senior Voices this Week

In this week’s edition of Senior Voices we showcase some of the best senior oriented blog sites. With each blog bringing its own unique voice and story into issues affecting us and life in general, SeniorHomes tries to give the thousands of seniors who have made this virtual world a second home a chance to connect and be heard.

Dating Dementia

Nancy Wurtzel writes about making big changes at midlife in her blog Dating Dementia. Read Nancy’s slightly twisted, often humorous and sometimes touching viewpoint on a wide-range of topics, including relationships, parenting, baby boomer issues, restarting a career, politics and caring for aging parents. After living in California for 33 years, Nancy has recently returned to her small, rural hometown to care for her aging mother who has moderate dementia.

She launched Dating Dementia in 2010 when she was going through a contentious divorce and found that writing helped her maintain her sanity and sense of humor.  You can also read Nancy’s work on the Huffington Post, BlogHer, Open Salon and Vibrant Nation.

What Makes Me Angry? Dementia.

I remember four or five years ago when my Mother first showed signs of memory loss.  My Dad had Alzheimer’s disease and it took a terrible toll.  Now I was envisioning a similar journey ahead for my mother.

Returning to California after a week-long trip home to Minnesota, I had dinner with a friend and relayed my fears about my Mom’s disturbing behavior.  Talking about it my voice was catching and I was starting to cry.

Instinctively my friend reached over and patted my hand.  After a minute, she settled back in her chair and said, “Well, you know, Nancy, it could be a lot worse.  At least your Mom doesn’t have something really serious like cancer.”

Image Credit: via eHouseOffers

Read the complete article at Dating Dementia

Any Shiny Thing

“I think we’re more powerful because of age. I reject the premise that everything young is good, and everything old is bad.” Lynne strongly believes that women of middle-age and older are making a critical error, and by making that error they end up sleepwalking through life until, perhaps, at the end, they wake up and say, “Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize I was wasting it, and now it’s too late.”

Here is the critical error: We waste our lives by apologizing for our maturity instead of celebrating the power that comes with age. In my Twitter profile I say, “I don’t want to know how to fight aging. I want to know how to respect, value and savor the process.” Lynne is also a writer and her debut novel, Dakota Blues is scheduled to be released in a few weeks.

Boomer Men Share Houeswork

For women of a certain age, this is a seismic shift. As girls, it was our job to clean the toilets while our brothers mowed the lawns. We ironed shirts while they – well, we ironed shirts. Then those Boomer men grew up. Now they’re at or near retirement age, and there’s a change afoot. Have you noticed?

Boomer men are turning domestic.

They cook! Many have their own specialties, and you don’t want to get in the way when they’re in the kitchen. Bill makes spaghetti just like his mom used to. Or salmon with honey-mustard marinade. Or pulled pork, simmered in beer all day in the crock pot. This new breed of husband goes to the grocery store. My friend who is still working says she hasn’t been for a year, ever since her husband retired.

Image Credit: via Healthy Paws

Read the complete article at Any Shiny Thing

Going Like Sixty


Mark shows no signs of slowing down and if living on the fast lane is your cup of tea then a quick visit to his blog could give you that adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for. With a hard-hitting and a no-nonsense attitude, Mark gives us a personal look into his world.

21 Reasons you Might Be a Gringo

In Costa Rica, non-natives are Gringoes. As far as I know, it’s not pejorative. But then again, I don’t speaka da Spanish, so how would I know? It’s kinda like calling somebody redneck. It’s OK if YOU are a redneck, but if you’re a hipster, it’s an insult.

So as a Gringo in Costa Rica, I offer you

… you might be a Gringo if:

  • You refer to your country of birth as “the old country.
  • You drive around a bridge thru a dry river bed because it’s less rough.
  • You call the above move, “using the bypass.”
  • You volunteer to drive.

Read the complete article at Going Like Sixty

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