Senior Voices This Week

Retirement and financial security are just some of the concerns that hang heavy on every seniors mind. Senior Voices this week gives us an insight into how we could be more efficient in managing our finances and achieve economic freedom. Greater financial flexibility gives us the ability to enjoy life better. It allows us to take control of where we choose to retire and how we spend our time in our golden years.

Other sites included in this week’s Senior Voices include Margie’s A Lighter Shade of Grey which gives us a fresh look into the world through her camera lens and why she thinks we belong to the invisible age. And Edna’s Grandma Henke gives us a look into her personal life as a wife, mom and grandma.

Satisfying Retirement

Bob Lowry and Satisfying Retirement have been profiled in Money Magazine and as well as Ad Age Insight White Papers. Also featured author in nationally released book, “65 Things To Do When You retire,” published in March, 2012.

What’s in your Wallet?

No, this is not about credit cards or those funny Viking characters. Rather, it is literally about what is in my wallet, and what that says about what is important to me.

Cash. Not surprisingly I have a few hundred dollars in cash in my wallet. As I write this we are leaving for a long weekend out of town so I have about $100 more than normal. Like most folks I put almost everything on a credit card, but want greenbacks for the feeling of security it gives me if a card doesn’t work. Also, for anything under $10 I am likely to pay with money instead of a card.

Read the complete article at Satisfying Retirement

Musings of a Midlife Mom

Last year I embarked on a journey to try to live consciously and with purpose by making an effort to find more joy in my life, without spending big bucks to do it.

I’ve found that happiness and contentment cannot always be found in my wallet or bank accounts. My greatest joy comes from the love of my family and friends. Although, money is not the driving force, it does play a role in the level of comfort I have to enjoy my life with family and friends. Thus, balance is the key.

Friday Financials and Food Waste Update

Okay, I think my food waste is getting worse…how is that happening?  I just went to get my coffee to write this post, and when I opened the fridge to get the half and half, something smelled really bad. That’s never a good sign.

Read the complete article at Musings of a Midlife Mom

Retirement: A Full-Time Job

After four years at a Big 8 accounting firm (yes back then), and almost 18 at a venture capital firm, I’m making my career-long fantasy of retiring in my 40’s a reality. I’ve joined my husband, who had a four-year head start on retirement after his dot-com bombed.

I now have (hopefully) 50 or so years to fill with the unfettered pursuit of happiness. Well into my third year of this pursuit, I’m capturing the experience of adjusting to retired life here in my blog.

Building Your Retirement Budget

One quick comment before I cause any of my other readers to have a near heart attack.  In all these discussions about how much money you need to accumulate to cover your retirement years, we are talking about covering the expense needs that are not already being met by your other income sources such as Social Security or pensions.  Your annual “withdrawal” would only be the shortfall, or difference between your other retirement income and your expenses.

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Grandma Henke

My site, “Grandma Henke” was established in 2007. I retired May 1st, 2007, from a 25 year career as the director of a non-profit agency that assists people with developmental disabilities. Lynn is the man I have loved since 1965.  We have 5 children and 17 grandchildren and we’ve laughed and cried our way through a lot of learning experiences. Out of the two of us he is the only one who understands how to use the new tv and its various remotes. He is also good at correcting my errors on the computer.

The Joy of Christmas Programs Past

I was feeling kind of bad that I hadn’t finished my Christmas Pasts … I mean there are so many good memories:

School Christmas programs the kids were in all through the years:  I don’t want to get too particular (because they were all unique and special no matter how many we went to) but one program really stands out in my mind when I could smell something like electrical wires melting just prior to the kids walking in to the auditorium.

Read the complete article at Grandma Henke

Baby Boomer

I studied history until seductive counterculture sirens lured by career ship astray. Eventually, I wanted to re-join the mainstream but not one that ran through a university. So, what to do with a briefcase of liberal arts degrees? Drive a taxi or sell antiques. I have a lousy sense of direction. Today, I’m a museum manager, docent, write antiques columns and conduct appraisal clinics. My book, Grand Entrances–a celebration of artistic/whimsical San Francisco storefronts–was published in 2000. I’m a regular contributor on current topics for a variety of websites.

Are Baby Boomers Happier than their Kids?

When you ask people if they’re happy, the results are usually the same – the older you get, the happier you are.

It’s not a straight-line progression. Generally, happiness increases in young adults until about age 30, then drifts downward to the mid-50s, where it begins to rise again. Often there is a decline in the final years (due largely to health issues), but it seldom dips to previous levels. These charts appear across class and ethnic lines. Baby boomers are right at the big cusp or just over it.

Read the complete article at Baby Boomer

A Lighter Shade of Grey

I am at an awkward age – that one between 55 and 65.  It is when a woman is older than all of her kitchen appliances, older than the house she lives in, but not as old as the dirt in the yard. It is an age when women are deemed to be too old to be beautiful and energetic, and too young to be wise and full of character. It is called the “Invisible Age.”

An Unhappy Robin

The Robins just returned to my part of the world on Monday. The day was sunny and warm. Tuesday was relatively nice too. It started to snow on Wednesday afternoon. This poor Robin was hunkered down on the patio, all puffed up with it’s wingtips lowered. I’ve read that this is a sign of aggression, but I think the robin was just trying to stay warm!

Read the complete article at A Lighter Shade of Grey

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