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Confessions of a Grandma

A Grandma is just an antique little girl”… unknown”

My name is Olga.  I am a mother of two, grandmother to two plus step-gram to six more, inherited when I married Mike in 1994.  I retired from teaching in 2005, after thirty-three years in special education.  It took me a little while to stop taking long term substituting jobs, but I am now fully living the retirement life.

Mike and I spend three to four months in Florida and the rest of the time in Vermont.  I started blogging in 2007.  I don’t have a specific focus.  I just write the kind of journal entries that I would have killed a sibling for reading back in my teen years.  Now they are out there for the world to see.

Friday Fluff

It was a fairly nice day and I got out to do some yard work.  Mike went off for his exercise walk.  When I finished in the yard, I noticed that he hadn’t yet returned.  That was two hours for a 2 1/2 mile walk.  I got a bit worried and went to look for him.  I should have realized he would have stopped at a neighbors for a catch-up chat.

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Started four years ago, MidlifeBloggers was envisioned as a gathering place for all of us who consider themselves to be in the middle of our lives. As the fastest growing sector of the US population, MidLifeBloggers gives them an avenue to speak and be heard.

Over the years, MidLifeBloggers has grown and changed, tried this, dumped that.  One thing we never were was a full-service site offering a range of on-line and off- activities. Rather, MidLifeBloggers is more of a boutique, a salon of sorts.  I like to think of it as a place where we can to figure out how to be in these middle years by listening to each other.   You won’t find ‘how to’ articles or experts giving rote lectures here.  I want to learn by what other people have done; I want to hear their voices.

Monday Thoughts on Money, Capitalism and Morality

Did you hear that Facebook just bought Instagram for a billion dollars?  Wow.  A billion dollars.  Next it will be a trillion.  When will we get to bazillion?  Is there even such a number as bazillion?

So, yes, these dollar amounts are starting to sound bizarre to me.  I’m reminded of the stories about what led up to Nazi Germany, the inflation of currency such that people were trotting their money around in wheelbarrows.  Okay, that may be apocryphal, and in no way am I comparing Facebook to the Third Reich, but–

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BoomersForever is an information portal that provides on-line news and information, and exclusive opportunities designed to promote services/ products to the growing senior population. It is a professionally managed site that is geared towards providing satisfaction for both their readership and business client base. BoomersForever strength is based on their uniqueness, quality, creativity, sound visual communication and timely delivery.

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The Boomer Blogs

This is the main face onto the world for the Boomer Blogs site. This site is intended for Boomers, but everyone is welcome to visit and read. I want this site to be where Baby Boomers can come and run their own blogs. Use the “Contact” button at the upper left of the main page if you want to request adding your blog to our site. If you simply want to post without running a blog, please register on our Guest Blog.

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Boom This

Boom This aims to set itself apart from all other Boomer sites on the Net by being a one-stop source of information on major issues affecting seniors. Topics discussed include health, fitness, money, retirement, family, friends, work, play and lifestyle.

Secret Agent L Spreads Kindness

I  heard *Laura Miller, aka Secret Agent L, speak last spring and have been waiting for the right time to write about her random acts of kindness to strangers project. With all of us celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, and with thoughts of gratitude and caring for others forefront in our hearts, this seems like a very good time to introduce everyone to Laura.

Back in July of 2009, Laura, a Pittsburgh resident, started thinking about all of the people who might be suffering quietly because of health or family issues or personal problems. “There are a lot of people out there hurting,” Laura said, so she began to think about how she could brighten up their days.

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Feminist Women Retiring With Gusto!

I started writing a blog in July 2008 when I realized it was only four months until I was going to retire from a 30-year-long career in education.  By then I’d already been thinking for some time of what it would be like to leave a career behind; really, what it would like to move into a new part of my life.  I had so many questions – mostly without answers – and so much anxiety.  What would I do every day?  Would it be lonely?  What could I expect emotionally?  Will life shrink?  What will my identity be?  Who will I be? I spent the next three and a half years tracking my changes into this new time; this time of being able to do whatever I wanted FOR THE FIRST TIME.

The Ghost of Pesach Past

It’s been an interesting challenge preparing for Passover this year.  This has always been my very favorite Jewish holiday despite the enormous amount of work it requires to prepare.  As there have been such huge changes in my life in just the past few years: from career woman to retiree (and all the angst that transition inspired), and from married to unwillingly enveloped in juristic blustering (and all the herartache that has engendered) … well, it wasn’t surprising that preparing this year took every bit of my energy.

Different”, I kept saying to myself, this year (like the book says) is “different”. We choose to have a night where the focus is in many ways on difference as a reminder of the blessing of the present.  We were slaves, now we’re free.  We’ll do things differently tonight in memory and gratitude for the difference.

Image Source: Consumers Advocate

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