Plastic Surgery for Seniors

Whether it’s because they want to maintain an edge in the job market, want to feel better about themselves, fit in with the crowd, land a younger romantic partner or simply laugh in the face of aging, more and more Americans over the age of 65 are opting for cosmetic surgery procedures. Once reserved for celebrities, the young and uber-rich, cosmetic surgery is gaining acceptance, even among the older generation. Cosmetic surgery becoming more common in older generation

Today’s elder generation has grown into adulthood in a world where news of local, everyday people having surgical procedures to make them look better is commonplace. Some television shows are dedicated solely to chronicling dozens of women undergoing multiple, extreme surgical enhancements to completely change their looks. Nearly every daytime and evening drama series has had a storyline involving a character undergoing a complete surgical transformation, whether to disguise their identity or to replicate the precise appearance of another person. (Creepy, we know, but it’s happened more than once.)

It’s just Botox. Why not?

Most commonly, seniors are opting for procedures that make them look younger, such as Botox or collagen injections, or even a face lift, which are generally regarded as more subtle procedures. Should it come as a surprise to us that seniors are embracing the opportunity to recapture or extend their youthful appearance?

Health and aging experts emphasize the benefits of living an active lifestyle well into our golden years. The longer we remain active, both physically and cognitively, the better our odds of avoiding chronic illness and staying healthy as we age. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help us physiologically, but there are some things we simply can’t avoid in terms of physical appearance. We can avoid smoking, minimize exposure to harmful UV sun rays and even use daily moisturizer, but eventually, the wrinkles will start to surface. Unless, of course, you’re Demi Moore, in which case we suspect you struck a deal with the “Live Forever” goddess in that old movie Death Becomes Her.

So hey, why not? If you’re living a vibrant and active lifestyle and there are a few tweaks that would help you feel better about yourself, we say go for it. Our society is evolving. The ability to embrace change is a good thing, although it’s also perfectly acceptable to do your own thing. Active senior living means many things, including living life on your own terms.

Why would a senior opt for plastic surgery?

There are a few reasons seniors might opt for cosmetic surgery:

  • The belief that a younger appearance may be more marketable for employment
  • The desire to match the way you feel with the way you look
  • It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the means
  • A self-confidence boost

Whatever the reason for choosing cosmetic surgery, you should remain true to who you are. If you’re comfortable with yourself and don’t feel the need to change, don’t do it due to outside pressures. But if a few surgical adjustments will bring back your zest for life, who’s stopping you?

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