Midlife Crisis Queen

Laura’s life mission is to champion the needs of those lost in midlife, helping them to change and grow into the BEST elders in American history.

Laura worked as a research librarian for 25 years before leaving academe to become a writer, author, and psychotherapist in 2005.   She is well qualified for this role, with three graduate degrees including one in counseling, and a specialty in midlife psychology.

Laura suffered her own personal recession back in 2004, when she lost her marriage, her job, and almost her home.  Since then she has turned her passion for transformation into a business, where she helps others survive and thrive when confronted with the normal psychological changes brought on by midlife.

Through her blogsbooks, personal counseling, and professional speaking, Laura inspires others to confront and then embrace the inevitable changes brought on by midlife, re-framing personal challenges into a myriad of new and exciting opportunity.

Feel free to contact Laura for therapy, interviews, advertising opportunities, and speaking engagements at: MidlifeCrisisQueen@gmail.com

Words from “The Queen”:

When I think back to where I was in 2001, embarking on the worst of my midlife changes, I am amazed and pleased at how it all turned out!   First I lost my marriage in 2001, then my job in 2004, and almost my home, before I woke up to the changes I needed to make NOW!   There were so many times I felt completely lost, hopeless, and alone in this journey, but I did not give up.   Eyes on the prize, even when it seems like an impossible dream!

A midlife crisis is a wakeup call to change the things that haven’t been working in our lives for years, but just seemed too hard to do anything about.   Things like difficult emotions, spouses, and careers.  It’s a normal, natural awakening, as we suddenly discover we only have so much time left.     If we’re going to change, now is the time!


This book will help you think about positive midlife change. By revealing her own up-close and personal journey, Laura Lee shows you how to navigate new waters with increased self-respect and confidence, and come out the other end of your own transformation, loving yourself like never before! Laura Lee Carter is an expert on midlife psychology and change.


Soon after I began writing professionally, I launched this blog.  I knew it was time for me to step up and offer support and encouragement to those who might be feeling lost in midlife hell.

My goal is simple, to bolster those whose courage has faltered, and show them there is still time to follow through on your craziest aspirations and ideals.  There is still time to change your life!

I believe we all have boundless potential to change at any age, and discover a life we can only imagine now. Regardless of where your interests are – you could be interested in anything from learning botany to teaching yourself the interwebs. It really doesn’t matter. The what isn’t important. The fact is that midlife is the perfect time to begin to manifest your own unique vision of whatever it is you want to be, those very same visions you’ve been secretly nurturing for years.

I turned my midlife crisis into a business where I help others survive and thrive when they are confronted with their own challenges. I now offer instructive, inspirational books, specialized psychotherapy, and inspiring free talks about the challenges of midlife transition.

Please allow me to help you make the most of this challenging time in your life!

Other blogs by Laura

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The Midlife Queen Blows OFF STEAM! represents the QUEEN’s alter-ego.  A cynical, funny view of how crazy midlife can be.   Tell us how you REALLY FEEL!

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