Blogs for Baby Boomers: Aging Bodies

Aging Bodies is a about person’s journey into aging. What changes can we all expect as we age and how do we deal with them? Here you can learn how scientific research, medicine, surgery, exercise, healthy habits, nutrition and cosmetics can help us enhance our aging bodies.  Below is a sample post from Aging Bodies.

Whats Happening to my Body!!

I’m the same me I was at 30 or 40. I eat the same way, do the same exercises and activities and yet my body is changing! What’s going on?  Based on what is happening to me, I did some research to see what some of the typical changes are as we age – here is the cliff notes version.

What Changes Happen to Aging Bodies


We shrink on average two inches before age 80. Our spine collapses due to loss of fluid in the discs between our vertebrae. This makes it painful to move after sitting for awhile as well as causing height loss! The arches in our feet fall. This makes the core of our bodies look disproportional to our limbs (no arms and legs don’t continue to grow).


Our weight distributes itself differently – possibly accumulating in our middle area. Men and women both lose weight (sorry, but the loss is not usually fat, it is usually muscle and bone) during their late sixties and seventies, but men start earlier and lose more (go figure!).


It thins (sometimes to paper thin), gets age spots, dries out, heals more slowly, tears more easily, sags due to loss of epidermal support and wrinkles.


We lose density in our bones – including loss of calcium and other minerals.

Our face bones change, eye sockets become bigger and deeper, overall we lose bone mass in the facial area, we experience reductions in the angles of the brow, nose and upper jaw and the length and height of the lower jaw decreases. Our hip bones keep getting wider, even into our seventies. Some folks think that the ears and

nose continue to grow as well, others think they just get droopy and look bigger.

Hair gets thinner and gray in most of us. Also you may start growing more hair in your ears as you age (also your nose) – especially if you are male. No one seems to know why. If you are a woman, you will likely get peach fuzz all over your face and some coarse hairs on your upper lip!

Internal Changes


Scientists are really starting to study our aging brains (now that there are so many of us and living longer to boot), but don’t seem to really have a handle on what happens to it as we age. Some studies suggest that we lose weight and volume in our brains (darn why can’t it be my belly!), that brain surface grooves widen and swellings become smaller. The jury is still out as to whether age related forgetfulness and dementia is really age related, or disease related. Evidence supports the theory that lifestyle affects the way your brain ages.


Your blood vessels and heart valves become less elastic. Your blood vessel walls thicken and get fatty deposits lining them. This causes restricted blood flow that may make you short of breath more easily and fatigued faster.

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