At 60, Oprah’s Still Inspiring You to “Live Your Best Life”

Oprah Winfrey hit a big milestone yesterday: She turned 60. As one of the world’s most powerful women, this is another milestone among many she’s achieved in her life. But as she joins the ranks of millions of other people around the world entering her golden years, she has an opportunity to make a huge impact on people’s lives. At 60, you wouldn’t really consider her a senior.

But it’s in their 60s that many people start to really come to grips with the concept of aging. You may start to notice changes to your body or your mind. Your children are probably having children of their own. Life starts to take on a whole new meaning as you learn to appreciate just how short it really is, and how much every moment matters.

Oprah’s Secrets to Living Your Best Life

Oprah, of course, has always been a positive influence. She’s built a massive media empire around her personal brand. While some would take advantage of that kind of power and misuse it, Oprah leverages her influence to make people’s lives better.

Live Your Best Life with Oprah

In fact, her name has become practically synonymous with her most famous motto: “Live Your Best Life,” and her website is devoted to sharing advice, resources and heart-warming stories to inspire people everywhere to live their lives to the fullest. In honor of Oprah’s big 6-0, NewsOne shares her three top tips for Living Your Best Life:

  1. Find a stress-management tool, practice, or program that works for you.
  2. Get in the habit of regular exercise, and stick with it.
  3. “Have faith in a power other than yourself.”

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Yet Oprah’s simple approach to getting the most out of life works for many people. As we start to enter the later half of life, taking time to take care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. When you take care of you, you’re better equipped to fulfill all the roles you take on in your life. That might be mother, son, daughter, grandmother, professional, spouse, leader, friend, caregiver, or maybe you’re a role model yourself. Whatever roles you identify with, you can be a better mom, friend, caregiver, and so on when you’re at your best physically and emotionally.

What You Can Learn About Aging from Oprah

Oprah’s always been a champion for others, and you can bet that she’ll be a beacon of grace and class, taking every added year with appreciation for all that she’s learned and achieved in the year before. Feeling down and out about the idea of getting older? The Huffington Post points out a few things we can learn from Oprah about aging gracefully:

  • Embrace your age, and be grateful for the experiences and accomplishments life has awarded you over the years.
  • Define yourself; don’t let others define you. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain if it means sacrificing your true self.
  • Take every new year as a blessing. Set goals for yourself for each coming year to learn something new or try something new. What valuable lessons have you learned this year?
  • Don’t lie about your age. Be proud of every year you’ve spent making your way through the difficult maze of this crazy thing we call life. If you’ve overcome challenges, own your achievements. If you’ve created something big, helped others, or did something everyone said you could never do, let those moments define your life.
  • Be true to your passion. If you don’t allow others to define you, you’re free to pursue your own passion. Focus on the things that captivate you and energize you, and use your passion to serve others — that’s Oprah’s secret to success.

Who inspires you to continue living life to the fullest, regardless of age? Tell us who you think of as a role model, and share your favorite credos from Oprah and others who inspire you.

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Post by Angela Stringfellow

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