9 Unexpected Date Ideas for Couples Over 60

senior couple on city street


You’re never too old for dating, love, or romance. Whether you’re taking your spouse out on the town or trying to find someone special, there’s always room for dating. Those who are dating over 60 and looking for new date ideas should—like anyone—look to have fun first, and let the rest follow. A pleasant experience shared makes for a far better memory. Here are nine date ideas for senior couples to consider:

1) Try a new food

If there’s a foreign cuisine neither of you has ever tried, what are you waiting for? It’s time to experiment. Nothing makes your time richer than new experiences, so why not share them with a date? Whether your new experience is fine dining at a high-priced restaurant or food from that street cart you drive past each day but have never tried, it can add up to a great memory.

2) Take a class

You’re never too old to learn something new, whether it’s a useful skill or a more indulgent hobby. Take a class on pottery, dancing, cooking, anything that seems interesting. It may lead to a new way to spend time together— and at the very least, it’s going to be memorable.

3) Go picnicking

If you’re hoping to plan a date that’s low-key and intimate without much cost or pressure, try a picnic. It’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Make it a bit more fun by finding a park or other outdoor area neither of you have been to before. Sitting out on a blanket under the sun isn’t just for the young, with good weather and good company,, it can be just as enjoyable for older couples.

4) Go to a wine or cheese tasting

Sitting down for a full meal is nice and all, but outside of a few new experiences it’s old hat. A tasting event, be it for wine, cheese, or something a bit more ‘out there’, is a great way to have some fun, enjoy something new, and make a memory you and your date will remember fondly. Taste and scent are closely tied to memory, after all, and where else can you focus more on those senses than at a tasting event?

5) Recreate an old favorite

As a senior, you have the invaluable benefit of experience—use it! Recreate your favorite dates anew. Whether you aim for perfect replication or try to update things and add a new twist, either one is going to be fun. This works best for current senior couples, of course, but there’s nothing stopping you from borrowing inspiration from favorite past dates with a new date, either.

6) Find friends for a double date.

Whether you’ve been together for decades or are a new couple, a double date is a great idea. It can be daunting to go out on a date at any age—especially if you’re out of practice. Making your date a double can make things a bit less stressful, add a fun new dimension to things and allow you to get to know your friends better while also bonding with your partner.

7) Visit an interesting marketplace.

Whether it’s a tiny flea market, the county fair or a massive mall full of artisanal shops, there’s lots of potential for great dates when you go wandering through an interesting marketplace. The point isn’t necessarily to shop—it’s to spend time together seeing novel and interesting things. And if you walk away with a few trinkets, it’s all the better to remember your date by.

8) Explore familiar places in depth.

Your town has sides of it you probably haven’t seen, whether that means a new restaurant or event, or a long-standing corner you’ve never visited. Visit your local museum, take the tour meant for visitors, or consider volunteering together at a local charity. Rediscovering your own backyard can be as exciting for dates as journeying to a foreign land—there’s always more depth than you realize in a place. You may even find a new way to spend your time around town, or learn something interesting about the place you live that you’d never otherwise have known.

9) Go to an amusement park or live event.

Don’t write off the more exciting stuff as being for the young—couples of any age can have fun on a date at the amusement park or live event. Cheering at a concert or laughing at a standup comedian doesn’t have an age limit. So get out there and have some fun, share some funnel cake and enjoy a date that just might make you both feel like kids again.


Ultimately, all dates are about building a shared experience. Make sure it’s an experience you’ll both enjoy, and remember fondly, and everything else will work out from there. Try new things, revisit old ones, or blend the two. It’s all a matter of finding the things you can enjoy together—no matter how long you’ve been together, or what the date on your driver’s license says.


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