50 Shades Of Aging Grey-fully

Guest Blogger Joanie with Her Mom

My first step of ill-timed retirement was losing my job fourteen months ago. I have not been successful in finding a replacement or comparable position to this day. At the age of 59, I have noticed that there are younger potential employees that will work for food so to speak. How can I compete with someone who is fresh out of college, willing to work for peanuts, is tech-savvier, and better looking then moi?

I may be faced with my potential remaining years as an unemployed worker, however that does not mean that I will let myself get into a rut of self-loathing or inactivity. On the contrary this newfound idleness strengthens my will to get up and do something. I refuse to rollover and give up; I want to make the most of the second act of my life.

It may be challenging finding the right exercise or eating healthy foods that will help you maintain fit and healthy lifestyles. When starting a new fitness routine small steps are always advised, you would never want to risk injury and wind up in the emergency room because of your over zealousness, would you? The hula-hoop craze of yesteryear was fun and unbeknownst to us back in the 50’s and 60’s was beneficial as well. Presently hooping has become once again an easy way to continue remaining fit in our everyday lives. It is a low-impact aerobic workout that will improve blood flow, coordination, endurance, and potentially may also aid in losing weight!

Eating healthy can be a daunting task as well. There is nothing wrong with eating fresh fruits and vegetables, or adding whole grains to your diet. Finding healthy recipes or concocting them myself is another way to sharpen and keep my brain active.

Stuffed Tomato (for 2)

2 large tomatoes (make sure they are a bit on the hard side and not too ripe)

1 12-ounce can of solid white tuna packed in water

1 or 2 stalk(s) of celery (finely chopped)

4 Tbsp of red onion (you can use less if you think it’s too intense, finely chopped)

1/2 Avocado (chopped)

1/2 Fresh squeezed lemon

Tomato pulp (chopped, discard the part with the core)

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Cut and scoop out the tomato pulp and set aside. In a large bowl add tuna, celery, red onion, and avocado, add the left over pulp of the tomato (including any juice) and lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix with fork until desired consistency; making sure it is blended well. Place in hollow tomato.

If you would like a fun activity for the summer try hula-hooping. You can purchase a weighted hoop for about $20 and rock your body back and forth to keep the hoop up and rotating! The recipe also will not break the bank and it’s healthy with cancer-fighting lycopene (tomato) and heart healthy omega 3 oils (fish). Keep active and healthy this summer by being proactive so that one day you can retire and enjoy life to the fullest!

This guest post was written by Joanie Jacobsen.   As author of http://babyboomerway.com/,  she advocates fit and healthy lifestyles by including, exercises, inspirational words and recipes on her blog.

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