10 Senior-Friendly Health Apps You Should Know


We’re fortunate to live in an era where information about overall wellness – including fitness and nutrition – is more abundant and more accessible than ever. With thousands of health and fitness apps available for smart phones today, there should be a variety of options that will that fit your needs and preferences.

We’ve rounded up 10 health-related apps for seniors that provide convenience, ease of use, and strategies to boost your overall well-being.


1. GoodRX


If you’re looking to save money and prescriptions, then GoodRx is for you. GoodRX searches current prices and discounts to help you find the lowest cost for your prescriptions. All you have to do is type your drug’s name into the search field and look for its lowest price. You also have access to coupons that will save you money and are accepted at most U.S. pharmacies. Even if you have insurance or Medicare, GoodRX may find a price less than your co-pay.


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2. Medisafe


Keeping track of your prescriptions can be difficult. With MediSafe, you’ll get encouragement to take your next pill as well as information about each medicine you take. Meanwhile, you can connect with your physician through MediSafe and have access to helpful health data. MediSafe enables a personalized experience that saves time, frustration and money.

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3. LifeLine Response


LifeLine Response is another one of the best apps for seniors because it serves as a personal alarm system that can be heard a great distance away. The moment your connection with the app is lost, the LifeLine systems sends out an alert. You can even set it to Timer Mode to check in when you’re safely home.




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4. Lose It!


Losing weight is a challenge for most people, and can become even tougher with age. The Lose It app simplifies things with all-in-one technology that allows you to set a daily calorie budget and your weight loss goals. Its database includes over 7 million foods, including restaurant items from around the world. And there’s more: its barcode scanner enables you to upload nutritional information food labels, while you can even take a picture of your food and receive information about it.


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5. Sleep Genius


Among the best sleep apps for seniors is Sleep Genius, which works to ensure that you get the healthiest sleep possible. You’ll discover your ideal bedtime, while a scientifically created Revive Cycle awakens you with a gentle five-minute cycle that brings you out of a deep sleep gradually with soothing sounds. Sleep Genius also includes a relaxation program designed to reduce stress and anxiety.



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6. Motion X 24/7


The first complete activity-tracker for the iPhone, Motion X 24/7 measures resting heart rate, advanced sleep cycle monitoring, and alerts that urge you to get active. It also includes an accurate daily step tracker that calculates calories burned, while the heart rate monitor is accessed by                                                                     placing your fingertip on the iPhone’s camera.

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7. Simply Being


The benefits of meditation for people of all ages are well documented. The ancient mindfulness practice has even been found to help older adults find more purpose in their lives.

Simply Being, an app by makers of the popular Meditation Oasis podcast Richard and Mary Maddux, brings guided meditations recommended by doctors and therapists all over the world to your ears. Users can choose from a variety of guided meditations from 5-20 minutes long that are designed to foster deep relaxation and stress relief.

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8. Dragon Dictation


We all know about the dangers of texting and driving, not to mention the frustrations of trying to type out a text or email even when you’re not behind the wheel. Dragon Dictation’s voice recognition system allows you to speak and instantly see your text messages – and it’s about five times faster than typing on a keyboard!

You can also dictate status updates to your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and send               notes or reminders to yourself. The app supports a multitude of global languages.

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9. Yummly


Launched in 2010, Yummly is the ultimate kitchen tool, giving users access to thousands of recipes. The app comes with a variety of filters so you can search for recipes with or without certain ingredients, or filter by cooking time, nutritional value, allergy information and more criteria. In fact, founder Dave Feller says Yummly was born from his own frustration in searching for recipes that excluded mustard.



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10. SideChef


Like Yummly, SideChef provides access to thousands of recipes and top food bloggers and chefs. However, it’s designed to make things easier for novice chefs. Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions, along with photos, videos, voice commands and timers.



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