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2017 Best Senior Fashion Blogs

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For many seniors, fashion is an important part of their lives and character! There’s a handful of blogs that help seniors achieve looking and feeling great, utilizing the latest fashion trends and styles. We’ve come up with a list of some of the most useful ones for them to refer to. These are the winners and finalists chosen by users and our honorary judge this round.

Winners- Judge’s Selection

Our judge, Jacky O’Shaughnessy, has selected the 3 following blogs as the best fashion blogs for seniors.

Advanced Style Best Senior Fashion Blog: Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen’s ‘About’ page reads:  “Photographer and author, Ari Seth Cohen, is the creator of Advanced Style, a project devoted “to capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” He says, “I feature people who live full creative lives. They live life to the fullest, age gracefully and continue to grow and challenge themselves.”  And capture them he does.  Cohen’s blog is  saturated with life, style, and creative freedom lived out loud by the magnificent women and men who so immediately pull Ari’s focus.  When American Apparel approached me to model their clothes in 2012, the Creative Director, Marsha Brady, told me about Ari’s work and how inspirational he’d been for her to look for an older woman to be included in AA’s photos.  At the end of one photo session Ms. Brady handed me lace underwear and this then sixty year-old woman and Marsha pioneered a new vision for older women to be seen as valid representatives of a predominantly youth-oriented market.  For me, Ari Seth Cohen started it all through his deep love and appreciation for older people who have only enriched themselves as they have advanced and shine as beacons of light for all who come after them. Cohen’s blog is a celebration that constantly inspires.

UnFemme Best Senior Fashion Blog: UneFemme

Susan B.’s site is full of skillful advice on dressing with simple elegance.  I have always preferred the classic look but could get very confused as to how to streamline my wardrobe so that it all worked together thereby utilizing what I had to the fullest.  I had an appreciation for the style of others but had no idea how to apply simple tricks for myself.  Example: scarves, how can I drape a scarf so that it is more flattering.  One of Susan’s many posts addresses scarves.  Susan guides you from head to toe, addressing travel needs, shoes, accessories while also sharing her love of foreign destinations that inspire her.  I have never felt a need to have lots of anything.  What I’ve always worked toward is to have a cohesive look that expresses how I feel, comfortable and confident anywhere and in any situation   Unefemme is definitely a go-to blog for accomplishing just that.  I am also highly impressed by her generosity of spirit in that she has listed 40 other sites that are geared toward older women that contain a wide variety of styling approaches.

UnFemme Best Senior Fashion Blog: My Small Wardrobe

Carelia Morán Brown’s mysmallwardrobe is fun, lots of fun.  It is a more eclectic site which I find so useful, for while I lean toward more of the Audrey Hepburn or Lauren Bacall look, I also very much enjoy the occasional stretch, like the yoga instructor who takes ballet classes.  I’ve often been open to dalliances in my personal choice of fashion.  Carelia’s heart and alegría de la vida jumps out at you with her site free of the limitations of age taboos and body type issues that so commonly lay claim to pompous dictates of fashion do’s and don’ts.  Every now and again you need that saucy thing, and Carelia incorporates a sexiness in some of her outfits that I feel one need never grow out of:  the off-the-shoulder blouse, for example, combined with a colorful full skirt.  Think Ava Gardner or Rita Moreno.  I also find little gems within her articles like using a belt with a puff vest.  That never occurred to me.  Carelia’s fashion style is refreshing and fun and lively and I can always use some of that.


About the Judge, Jacky O’Shaughnessy

Jacky O’Shaughnessy is an critically acclaimed actress and fashion model based in New York City.  Her American Apparel campaign broke boundaries in 2012 when she modeled lace underwear at the age of 60.  She has since gone on to do campaigns for Elle, M.A.C., Diesel, Nordstroms, Zara, Verizon Fios, among others. Jacky’s runway walk for Tome in February 2017 earned her a mention in The New York Times’ Top Ten Moments of New York Fashion Week.


Winners- People’s Choice

The people have spoken! These fashion blogs received the highest number of votes from users during the voting period.

50 is not old Best Senior Fashion Blog: 50 is Not Old
Susan After 60 Best Senior Fashion Blog: Susan After 60
Jodie’s Touch of Style Best Senior Fashion Blog: Jodie’s Touch of Style


Congratulations to all our finalists with notable blogs and apps that improve the health and lifestyle of senior citizens:

Style at a Certain Age Best Senior Fashion Blog: Style at a Certain Age
A Well Styled Life Best Senior Fashion Blog: A Well Styled Life
Lifestyle Fifty Best Senior Fashion Blog: Lifestyle Fifty


Info for Winners and Finalists

Winners & Finalists, see information on how to collect your winner badges.

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