Social Media Rockstars - Individuals 2013

This category is purely based on the peoples choice! These people are the standouts in the senior industry that have a strong presence across the Internet and social media. With broad influence, they are well connected and web savvy.



The winner of Social Media Rockstars - Individuals is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Social Media Rockstars - Individuals!

  • The Art of Aging

    The Art of Aging

    380 Popular Vote

    The Art of Aging is a Facebook presence created by artist Sophie Lumen. Sophie's goal is to shift perspectives on aging. What if we think of aging as an art? With more than 15,000 fans, The Art of Agi...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Social Media Rockstars - Individuals as ranked by our panel.

  • Michelle Seitzer

    Michelle Seitzer

    273 Popular Vote

    Michelle Seitzer, who manages the @Seniors4Living Twitter account and hosts the popular monthly #ElderCareChat, has accumulated nearly 1,700 followers on her personal Twitter account to date. Michelle...

  • Shelley Webb

    Shelley Webb

    152 Popular Vote

    Shelley Webb is truly the voice of experience when it comes to caregiving. With more than 30 years of service as a Registered Nurse, RN Case Manager, Geriatric Care Manager and caregiver to her fathe...

  • Dale Carter

    Dale Carter

    106 Popular Vote

    Dale Carter is regarded as a respected voice for caregivers. As founder and owner of Transition Aging Parents, she has created a dynamic business devoted to serving the needs of adult children of agin...

  • Robert Fowler

    Robert Fowler

    81 Popular Vote

    Robert Fowler is the President of Retirement Media Inc., including,,, and Robert blogs under @R...

  • Terry Lynch Aging Strategies

    Terry Lynch Aging Strategies

    62 Popular Vote

    Terry Lynch is the owner of Strategies for Independent Aging and author of “But I Don’t Want Eldercare!” He specializes in helping older people remain as self-reliant and involved in community l...

  • Cindy Laverty

    Cindy Laverty

    39 Popular Vote

    Care Company founder and President Cindy Laverty discovered that empowering caregivers was her true professional calling several years ago, while caring for her ill and aging former father-in-law. It...

  • Eleanor Barbera, Ph.D.

    Eleanor Barbera, Ph.D.

    27 Popular Vote

    Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD, founder of, is a speaker and consultant sharing insights gleaned over fifteen years as a nursing home psychologist. Dr. El is a regular contribut...

  • Brian Geyser

    Brian Geyser

    25 Popular Vote

    Founder of, social media strategist, speaker, blogger, consultant, and Yale University faculty member Brian Geyser has no shortage of expertise to share with the world. Brian boasts o...

  • Kathy Birkett

    Kathy Birkett

    19 Popular Vote

    Info & insights to help families & other caregivers of senior adults to improve the quality of life of the seniors in their lives. Kathy Birkett boasts over 8,000 followers on Twitter...

  • Susan Scanland

    Susan Scanland

    17 Popular Vote

    National Alzheimer's Expert, 28 years experience as nurse practitioner working with dementia and Alzheimer's disease...

  • Linda Abbit

    Linda Abbit

    15 Popular Vote

    Eldercare and Senior advocate Linda Abbit first started Tender Loving Eldercare as a blog to share what she learned through her journey as the sole caregiver for her aging parents. Through her website...

  • Steve Moran

    Steve Moran

    13 Popular Vote

    Steve Moran, publisher of Senior Housing Forum, keeps you up-to-date on the latest news in the senior living industry, offering up news commentary and advice via Twitter...

  • Denise M. Brown

    Denise M. Brown

    11 Popular Vote

    With over 16,000 Twitter followers, Denise helps family caregivers. Founder,, Certified Caregiving Coach, Author, Speaker...

  • Kaye Swain

    Kaye Swain

    8 Popular Vote

    Kaye Swain blogs about being a part of the sandwich generation -- caring for aging parents while babysitting grandchildren at the same time. Kaye is an active and engaging participant in the Twitter c...

  • Dr. Marion Somers

    Dr. Marion Somers

    5 Popular Vote

    Dr. Marion, who has over 5,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC News Now, Good Morning America Now, The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, National Public Rad...

  • Scott Brown

    Scott Brown

    4 Popular Vote

    Advocate for patient empowerment & quality EOL medical care; fan of palliative and hospice care teams...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Social Media Rockstars - Individuals. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Kim Linder

    Kim Linder

    9 Popular Vote

    Caregiver coach and talk show host for The Caregiver Hour, every Mon. on Tampa Bay's 1250AM WHNZ...

  • Barbara McVicker

    Barbara McVicker

    3 Popular Vote

    Barbara McVicker uses social media to connect with other caregivers and offer them the tools and tips she has learned from her personal experiences...

  • Carol Bradley Bursack

    Carol Bradley Bursack

    3 Popular Vote

    It is the mission of Minding Our Elders to shine a light on the isolation often felt by caregivers and seniors and to give them a voice. The book Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal St...

  • Patty Grace

    Patty Grace

    3 Popular Vote

    Patty Grace is the founder and CEO Aging with Grace. Patty is also the National Senior Care Examiner, Host, Aging with Grace and offers insight via BlogTalkRadio. Follow @PattyGrace on Tw...

  • Barry Birkett

    Barry Birkett

    2 Popular Vote

    One of the people behind and tweets on behalf of Senior Care Corner, Barry Birkett is described on Twitter as "Thinker-Listener-Writer-Trusted Adviser;" brain overflowing...

  • Eve Glicksman

    Eve Glicksman

    2 Popular Vote

    Eve Glicksman is an independent writer and editor focusing on boomer and older adult health and wellness. Eve Tweets as @AgingWell_, and to date has nearly 3,500 followers...

  • Mike Gamble

    Mike Gamble

    2 Popular Vote

    Passion for improving the Quality of Life for Aging Seniors & Family Caregivers. Mike covers everything from assisted living to home care, memory care, aging news and health information and much more...

  • Dr. Siobhan O'Dwyer

    Dr. Siobhan O'Dwyer

    1 Popular Vote

    Dr. Siobhan O'Dwyer lives in Australia and tweets about senior topics. She is a dementia researcher and university lecturer. Avid reader, swimmer, filmgoer, and cook. Hearts the ABC...

  • Lynn Wilson

    Lynn Wilson

    1 Popular Vote

    Lynn Wilson is the founder of The Caregiver Partnership, and she blogs under @CaregiverTweets. Lynn shares information on senior living technology, elderly health and services and advice for caregiver...

  • Amy Goyer

    Amy Goyer

    0 Popular Vote

    Caregiver for my parents; multigenerational, aging & family issues expert; AARP's Family Expert & columnist/blogger/media spokesperson; Author & consultant. Amy has over 3,800 Twitter followers...

  • Andrew Stephenson

    Andrew Stephenson

    0 Popular Vote

    Andrew lives in Colne, in the heart of Pendle in the United Kingdom, and was elected to represent Pendle in Parliament on 6th May 2010. Before being elected to Parliament he was a self-employed insura...

  • Angela V. McKnight

    Angela V. McKnight

    0 Popular Vote

    Administrative services for Seniors and helping Senior Caregivers care for their Senior Loved Ones...

  • Bonnie McFarland

    Bonnie McFarland

    0 Popular Vote

    "Savoring Your Sixties" is for women who want to make peace with turning 60 and to create a life after 60 that is joyous, fun, and meaningful...

  • Dr. Zachary White

    Dr. Zachary White

    0 Popular Vote

    To provide first-hand caregiver insight and expertise, much-needed knowledge about the caregiving experience, and most importantly, comfort to the millions of Americans who care in the shadow of a cur...

  • Jennifer Gerhold

    Jennifer Gerhold

    0 Popular Vote

    Jennifer Gerhold, publisher of Dementia Today, also manages the @DementiaToday Twitter account which has amassed nearly 237,000 followers. Jennifer is a professional writer, psychologist and a former...

  • Leann Reynolds

    Leann Reynolds

    0 Popular Vote

    As president of Homewatch CareGivers Int'l., I am afforded a unique view of the many issues facing family caregivers...

  • Rob Harris

    Rob Harris

    0 Popular Vote

    Rob Harris, SPHR, is a caregiver to his wife, a two-time cancer survivor, and is also an author, speaker and coach. We're in This Together: A Caregiver's Story was released in July 2012. Rob touches n...

  • Suzy Webster

    Suzy Webster

    0 Popular Vote

    Living in South Wales, Suzy Webster describes herself as "Loving my Mum with dementia. Butterfly Scheme carer speaker, trainer, expert by experience and #dementiachallenger Recovering Social Worker."...

Award Program Details

  • These must be individuals, however the individual may be affiliated with a company or organization
  • Nominee must use either a website, social media, blog or some combination of these as a communication platform
  • This category will be based on people's choice so the winner will be selected purely by popular vote. This will demonstrate their influence and strong presence in the senior industry