Most Innovative Senior Living Products 2013

With the coming wave of aging baby boomers, hundreds of entrepreneurs are bringing innovative senior living products to the market, many designed to help seniors maintain their independence at home. We've identified the most innovative, out-of-the-box products which offer seniors independence or improved lifestyles.



The winner of Most Innovative Products is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Most Innovative Products!

  • GrandCare Systems

    GrandCare Systems

    32 Judges Score  164 Popular Vote

    GrandCare Systems provides the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market today, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy and happy at home. GrandCare’s simple, touch platform enable...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Most Innovative Products as ranked by our panel.

  • Captioned Telephone

    Captioned Telephone

    31 Judges Score  24 Popular Vote

    Ideal for people with some degree of hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, works like any other telephone with one important addition: It displays every word the caller says throughout the...

  • Telikin Computer

    Telikin Computer

    30 Judges Score  120 Popular Vote

    The Telikin Touch Computer is the perfect answer for anyone who has been frustrated with traditional PCs or has never had the opportunity to learn computers in the past. Created to be the easiest and...

  • VTech CareLine

    VTech CareLine

    29 Judges Score  113 Popular Vote

    VTech CareLine™ home telephone and personal communication system- helping seniors live connected lives at home. Seniors who want to age independently in their homes can now stay connected to frien...

  • CogniFit Brain Fitness

    CogniFit Brain Fitness

    28 Judges Score  2954 Popular Vote

    CogniFit is a scientifically validated brain fitness technology that lets you assess your cognitive skills and give you an efficient brain training. Can be played on the Internet or you can download t...

  • Dakim Brain Fitness

    Dakim Brain Fitness

    27 Judges Score  91 Popular Vote

    Dakim BrainFitness is the only clinically tested brain fitness software designed specifically for active adults over 60. Just 20 minutes a day of fun and engaging brain exercises can help improve your...

  • The Translock

    The Translock

    26 Judges Score  248 Popular Vote

    The Translock™ is an innovative device engineered to provide wheelchair balance, stability, and peace of mind to wheelchair users and caregivers. With its patent pending locking device, the Transloc...

  • Vgo Robotic Telepresence

    Vgo Robotic Telepresence

    25 Judges Score  89 Popular Vote

    VGo’s robotic telepresence solution is an ideal way to bridge the distance between friends and family members and a healthcare or assisted living facility . There’s nothing required of the patient...

  • Caremerge


    24 Judges Score  320 Popular Vote

    Voicemail. Fax. Email. Social media and texting. When it comes to today's senior care, there are more ways to communicate than ever before. But are we really more connected? Are staff members staying...

  • GPS Smart Shoe

    GPS Smart Shoe

    23 Judges Score  354 Popular Vote

    With the use of GPS Technology, the GPS Smart Shoe by GTX Corp will send you a text message if the wearer has wandered out of a predetermined area (set by you). You are directed to a website which sho...

  • ConnectedLiving


    22 Judges Score  384 Popular Vote

    ConnectedLiving is a social impact company that is transforming the experience of aging and connecting families across generations by combining simplified technology with high-touch personal support...

  • BIG Launcher

    BIG Launcher

    21 Judges Score  1903 Popular Vote

    The BIG Launcher is a fast and simple Android home screen for the elderly and people with vision problems. It replaces the common user interface of any phone with Android 2.1 or higher with larger, r...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Most Innovative Products. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Nuprodx multiCHAIR

    Nuprodx multiCHAIR

    17 Popular Vote

    The MULTICHAIR 5200 is designed for independent wheelchair users who cannot access the tub because the toilet is in the way, or for able-bodied walkers not comfortable rotating their hips as required...

  • Bed Specs

    Bed Specs

    3 Popular Vote

    Watch TV or read in bed without sitting up. Prism glass lenses turn your view into a downward 90-degree angle, giving you a clear view of the screen or page. If you suffer from neck pain or are confin...

  • Jitterbug Cellphone

    Jitterbug Cellphone

    3 Popular Vote

    Cell phones today have become more difficult to see, harder to hear and often too complicated to use. Jitterbug cell phones offer thoughtful features, innovative apps and services The all-new Jitterbu...

  • Memory Photo Art

    Memory Photo Art

    3 Popular Vote

    Memory Photo Art serves as a resource that helps persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias connect with the people in their lives. We turn meaningful photos into oversized custom canvas visual...

  • Paro Therapeutic Robot Seal

    Paro Therapeutic Robot Seal

    2 Popular Vote

    PARO is an advanced interactive robot modeled after a baby harp seal. It allows the documented benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended...

  • Presto Email Machine

    Presto Email Machine

    2 Popular Vote

    Presto is a combination of the Presto Printing Mailbox and Presto Mail service. It allows you to use the convenience of email to communicate with loved ones who don't use a computer or the Internet. P...

  • Tri Seat Adjustable Folding Seat Cane

    Tri Seat Adjustable Folding Seat Cane

    2 Popular Vote

    From walking stick to restful seat in an instant. Constructed from high quality lightweight aluminum, this durable, comfortable seat folds into a convenient walking stick in seconds. Designed to hol...

  • Negative-Ion Infused Medical ID Bracelet

    Negative-Ion Infused Medical ID Bracelet

    1 Popular Vote

    MyID is a personal identification bracelet that allows medical responders to quickly pull up medical information in case of emergency. But this isn't your traditional bracelet... MyID is infused with...

  • eNeighbor


    1 Popular Vote

    eNeighbor® remote monitoring enhances care delivery while lowering costs, increasing independence, and improving satisfaction for residents, caregivers and families. It uses state-of-the-art monitori...

  • i-gotU GPS Tracker

    i-gotU GPS Tracker

    1 Popular Vote

    A small-size portable GPS tracking device that is economical and easy to use. Good for using in personal or vehicle tracking. Compact and easy to use, two-way calling, IP56 water-resistant, long batte...

  • Balance Assessment App

    Balance Assessment App

    0 Popular Vote

    This smartphone application screens for balance problems which might predispose to falls...

  • Big Button Remotes

    Big Button Remotes

    0 Popular Vote

    Big Button universal remote controls are designed to operate all home entertainment devices from one large, easy to see universal remote control! These universal remote controls were designed specifi...

  • Care Innovations Connect

    Care Innovations Connect

    0 Popular Vote

    A lot of things other than medicine help keep people healthy—like staying connected and in touch. Care Innovations™ Connect can help seniors in independent living facilities stay in touch with car...

  • Doro Memory Plus Phone

    Doro Memory Plus Phone

    0 Popular Vote

    MemoryPlus 319ph is especially helpful for people with limited dexterity or cognitive impairments. The ergonomically designed keypad, photo buttons, handset and sure slide cradle make it easy to stay...

  • Elder 911 by Doctor Marion

    Elder 911 by Doctor Marion

    0 Popular Vote

    Your personal crisis management guide from Doctor Marion. You get the call: "Your mother has fallen and is in the hospital. How soon can you get here?" As you rush for the airport, you ask yourself:...

  • Eldy


    0 Popular Vote

    Eldy is a software that turns any standard PC into an easy-to-use computer for people that have never used a computer before. Provides into a easy six buttons interface email, internet, chat, videocon...

  • Nexdose Medication Management System

    Nexdose Medication Management System

    0 Popular Vote

    NEXDOSE® is a multi dimensional medication management system. It provides the patient with needed assistance and the healthcare provider with the means to deliver it.The NexDose® Medical Digital Ass...

  • One Handed Combination Cutting Board with removable chef knife

    One Handed Combination Cutting Board with removable chef knife

    0 Popular Vote

    The One Handed Combination Cutting Board allows people with one hand, limited use of their hands or weakness in both hands the ability to prepare meals safely and independently! It comes complete with...

  • Patient Journal App

    Patient Journal App

    0 Popular Vote

    Being a patient or having a loved one in the hospital can be stressful and confusing. You are in a new environment with lots of information being given to you. There is so much to think about and to p...

  • Photo Dialer

    Photo Dialer

    0 Popular Vote

    Photo Dialer features: Push the Picture Button and the Phone Automatically Dials the Programmed Number, Programs in Seconds, Big Button Dialer with 12 Photo Keys, One Touch Dialing System Connects to...

  • Sonamba Monitoring System

    Sonamba Monitoring System

    0 Popular Vote

    The Sonamba Monitoring System is designed for seniors living independently. This useful device combines some nice entertainment features with valuable tools for seniors including; medication reminders...

  • TabSafe In-Home Medication Dispensing System

    TabSafe In-Home Medication Dispensing System

    0 Popular Vote

    TabSafe is an easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. Our medication management system reminds the user, dispenses medications, al...

  • Zomm Lifestyle Connect

    Zomm Lifestyle Connect

    0 Popular Vote

    We've taken the guesswork out of monitoring your health. Your connected devices flow their data through Lifestyle Connect, which then sends it to anyone in your Personal Safety Network and simultaneou...

Award Program Details

  • Innovative senior living products
  • Technology-enabled products and gadgets which help seniors maintain their independence
  • Apps and other products to help seniors or caregivers keep track of medications, appointments and other lifestyle functions