Best Senior Living Blogs by Individuals 2013

Senior Living bloggers share their stories, tips, and travails as caregivers. Their blogs make us laugh and cry and help us to realize we are not alone. We have found the most engaging, insightful individual blogs in the senior living space to share with you.



The winner of Best Blogs by Individuals is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Best Blogs by Individuals!

  • The Care Company Blog

    The Care Company Blog

    29 Judges Score  116 Popular Vote

    The Care Company is the solution center for America’s 60 million unpaid family caregivers, who every year provide more than $300 billion in free care and services to loved ones, family members and f...

People's Choice

People's Choice

The people have spoken! The People's Choice Winner of Best Blogs by Individuals is the best senior living resource that earned the highest number of votes during the voting period. Congratulations to the People's Choice Winner of Best Blogs by Individuals!

  • The Dementia Queen

    The Dementia Queen

    28 Judges Score  268 Popular Vote

    A blog by occupational and geriatric therapist Sue Paul, aka The Dementia Queen, is a blog dedicated to dementia care. Sue's posts and helpful tips are mixed with a little bit of...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Best Blogs by Individuals as ranked by our panel.

  • Age in Place Technology

    Age in Place Technology

    26 Judges Score  11 Popular Vote

    Laurie M. Orlov, a tech industry veteran, writer, speaker and elder care advocate, is the founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch, a market research firm that provides thought leadership, analysis...

  • Help! Aging Parents

    Help! Aging Parents

    26 Judges Score  65 Popular Vote

    Hi, I'm Susan. I was a far-away-living adult child whose parents died during this decade. (Mother predeceased my dad by three years.) I continue to be a far-away-living daughter-in-law (her only "dau...

  • As Our Parents Age

    As Our Parents Age

    26 Judges Score  69 Popular Vote

    As Our Parents Age deals with issues facing adult children taking care of their parents...

  • Moving Solutions Blog

    Moving Solutions Blog

    26 Judges Score  153 Popular Vote

    When I started Moving Solutions 18 years ago, I knew I was in the business of aging, not moving, so it is not surprising that my writing is about aging as well. When you delve into the details of p...

  • Marshall Elder and Estate Planning Blog

    Marshall Elder and Estate Planning Blog

    25 Judges Score  10 Popular Vote

    Helping seniors preserve health and financial security for themselves and their loved ones...

  • Mom's Brain

    Mom's Brain

    25 Judges Score  133 Popular Vote

    This is an online journal of one daughter’s experience as a caregiver for her mother, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in November 2005. Blogger Emily Caldwell originally started it as an anonym...

  • Alzheimer's Speaks

    Alzheimer's Speaks

    24 Judges Score  103 Popular Vote

    Alzheimer’s Speaks was developed for professional and public alike to have easy access to a variety of services, tools, concepts and products when dealing with the disease. Alzheimer’s Speaks be...

  • We Were Five: Our Journey w

    We Were Five: Our Journey w

    23 Judges Score  40 Popular Vote

    Lizzie's blog is an up-close and personal account of her family's personal journey with Alzheimer's and dementia, after her mom was stricken with the disease and Lizzie and her four sisters struggled...

  • Encore Life with Joyce Joneschiet

    Encore Life with Joyce Joneschiet

    22 Judges Score  109 Popular Vote

    Encore Life with Joyce Joneschiet provides regular updates on creating comfortable living environments, tips on aging in place and aging well, health and wellness advice and news, money and finance in...

  • Confessions of a Master Caregiver

    Confessions of a Master Caregiver

    22 Judges Score  133 Popular Vote

    Pamela Rivers is the sole caregiver for her aging mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Pamela blogs about her journey at Confessions of a Master Caregiver, sharing her personal challenges, ob...

  • Alzheimer's 24-7

    Alzheimer's 24-7

    22 Judges Score  141 Popular Vote

    Ann Romick has been writing her blog, for about 4 years. She is currently a spousal caregiver for her husband who has had the disease for about 14 years. Prior to that Ann took care...

  • Aging Abundantly

    Aging Abundantly

    22 Judges Score  229 Popular Vote

    I began Aging Abundantly at a time when I was trying to make sense of the changes that were taking place in my life, both physical and emotional...

  • 3 Years and 13 Dumpsters; Cleaning House After Lewy Body Dementia

    3 Years and 13 Dumpsters; Cleaning House After Lewy Body Dementia

    21 Judges Score  30 Popular Vote

    3 Years and 13 Dumpsters is a blog written by Joy Walker, a writer, caregiver advocate, hospice/bereavement counselor and care manager for her father who suffers from Lewy Body Dementia. She also publ...

  • Family Home and Life

    Family Home and Life

    20 Judges Score  32 Popular Vote

    Connie is a mother of five, grandmother of nine and counting. She writes about her experiences caring for several of her grandchildren, living practically and frugally, and loving every minute of it...

  • Grandmother Diaries

    Grandmother Diaries

    19 Judges Score  27 Popular Vote

    The ‘Grandmother Diaries‘ is just that, a diary of my adventures as a grandmother. You will find a variety of topics here. Everything from health to recipes to clothing to apps, and the list goes...

  • Naked at Our Age / Better Than I Ever Expected

    Naked at Our Age / Better Than I Ever Expected

    19 Judges Score  44 Popular Vote

    This blog is the written by Joan Price,the author of "Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex" and "Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty." This blog presents se...

  • "Had a Dad" Alzheimer's Blog

    "Had a Dad" Alzheimer's Blog

    16 Judges Score  24 Popular Vote

    "Had a Dad" Alzheimer's Blog is published by Bert Piedmont and chronicles her personal experience with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. After her father's 1,253-day journey with Alzheimer's disea...

  • My Mom's Blog

    My Mom's Blog

    12 Judges Score  192 Popular Vote

    At 87 years young, Millie Garfield is one of the Internet's oldest bloggers, according to The Ageless Project. With an authentic and humorous voice, a knack for story telling and frequent updates, Mil...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Best Blogs by Individuals. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Design with the Future in Mind

    Design with the Future in Mind

    8 Popular Vote

    Written by Alesha E. Churba, CAPS, CD, of A.E.Churba Design, LLC. resides in Pocatello, Idaho. A.E.Churba is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) writing, designing and decorating with her cli...

  • Senior Care Corner Blog

    Senior Care Corner Blog

    6 Popular Vote

    Senior Care Corner is your source for insights and tips about caring for senior adults, whether you are doing so at home or remotely or if your loved one resides in a nursing home or other residential...

  • Aging Bodies

    Aging Bodies

    5 Popular Vote

    Aging Bodies is a resource that Marie started to learn about and report to you on anything and everything related to what is happening to our bodies and brains as we age. She was 62 when I started th...

  • Who Moved My Dentures? Senior Living

    Who Moved My Dentures? Senior Living

    5 Popular Vote

    Anthony Cirillo provides an essential companion for senior living with Who Moved My Dentures?, a blog which accompanies a book of the same title. Who Moved My Dentures? covers health issues, financial...

  • Sandwich Ink

    Sandwich Ink

    4 Popular Vote

    I'm Kaye Swain, the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, busy dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren and having fun writing all about it her...

  • Inside Aging Parent Care

    Inside Aging Parent Care

    3 Popular Vote

    This is partly a journal of our experiences as caregivers in general and in particular as witnesses to the gradual decline of Carol and Judi’s elderly father...

  • Time Goes By

    Time Goes By

    3 Popular Vote

    Time Goes By using the tag line "What it's really like to get older." One interesting thing of this blog is that they use the term "elder" because as they describe it as a "lovely old word in need of...

  • Wriggling in the Middle

    Wriggling in the Middle

    3 Popular Vote

    This blog talks about the dilemmas and sometimes the delights of being part of the sandwich generation and responsible for the care of multiple generations...

  • Minding Our Elders Blog

    Minding Our Elders Blog

    2 Popular Vote

    It is the mission of Minding Our Elders to shine a light on the isolation often felt by caregivers and seniors and to give them a voice. Founder and owner of Minding Our Elders Carol Bradley Bursack a...

  • Confessions of a Grandma

    Confessions of a Grandma

    1 Popular Vote

    Confessions of a Grandma is a wonderful blog for retirees looking for ideas for craft projects, food tips and household planning. The author of the blog, Olga, shares her journey of finding things tha...

  • The 70-Something Blog

    The 70-Something Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Judy F. Kugel has been writing The 70-Something blog for five years now. It's a daily look at the life of a 70 year old woman (and sometimes her 80 year old husband). Her personal touch and openness a...

  • Age of Rieson

    Age of Rieson

    0 Popular Vote

    Age of Rieson is written by an 87 year old scientist who still gets joy from learning something new or getting a fresh insight. She got her PhD in Physical Chemistry when she was 46. She posts a lot o...

  • Aging Parents

    Aging Parents

    0 Popular Vote

    AgingParents is a unique nursing/legal/psychology team that helps families address conflict, communication,and planning issues related to caring for their elder loved ones. They are knowledgeable and...

  • Aging Us

    Aging Us

    0 Popular Vote

    Through this webpage, I plan to concentrate on the questions that surround boomer’s aging. We will focus on how the politics of aging, health and aging, and, society’s focus on youth and mobility...

  • Aging and Parkinson's and Me

    Aging and Parkinson's and Me

    0 Popular Vote

    John Schappi was diagnosed in 2009 with Parkinson's disease at the age of 80. In part thanks to getting the right medications and learning what he was dealing with, he considered 2010 to be his best y...

  • Caregiving, Mothering Mother, and More

    Caregiving, Mothering Mother, and More

    0 Popular Vote

    A blog about the guilt, frustrations, humor and sweet times that come with caregiving with a focus on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's...

  • Geezer Guff

    Geezer Guff

    0 Popular Vote

    Proclaiming to be for "funny and fiesty seniors" it is a fun take on a variety of topics including senior health, travel and love...

  • Just My Life

    Just My Life

    0 Popular Vote

    Just my life is written by a woman who describes herself to be on the "backside of midlife." Still an active attorney, she uses her blog as an outlet for writing and shares her life which is one of se...

  • NanaHood


    0 Popular Vote

    Teresa Kindred has authored numerous books and is author and publisher of, an insightful look at the ups and downs of grandparenting and life as a whole...

  • Past Imperfect

    Past Imperfect

    0 Popular Vote

    Written by a grandmother who says she is "still a girl at heart." Married to her true love. Has had three careers: trained pediatric nurse, National photographic model and business woman. Enjoying her...

  • Retirement: A Full-Time Job

    Retirement: A Full-Time Job

    0 Popular Vote

    Retirement: A Full-Time Job is wonderful site for people who are retired and looking for sensible tips on the economics of retirement. Authored by a woman who was able to retire in her 40s she has wea...

  • Second-Half of Life Blog

    Second-Half of Life Blog

    0 Popular Vote

    David Solie tries to provide readers with new ideas and strategies for understanding and communicating with aging parents...


    0 Popular Vote

    The blog is not like a traditional blog. It allows users of the site to blog in almost a forum style so that everyone can contribute a blog on any topic they choose about love and dati...

  • Six Decades and Counting...Life Reinvented

    Six Decades and Counting...Life Reinvented

    0 Popular Vote

    This baby boomer's blog is woman's blog about life, travels and travails, friends and relatives, and occasionally rant about goings-on in the world. She is beginning a second career as a freelance wri...

  • Spotlight on Elder Abuse

    Spotlight on Elder Abuse

    0 Popular Vote

    Spotlight on Elder Abuse is a blog that posts information on elder abuse legislation, new laws, and articles about elder abuse. It's mission is "Empowering Seniors with relevant Information on Elder A...

  • The Cataract Club (formerly known as) The Musings of a Middle Aged Woman

    The Cataract Club (formerly known as) The Musings of a Middle Aged Woman

    0 Popular Vote

    The Cataract Club (formerly known as) The Musings of a Middle Aged Woman is a blog that strives to share the lighter side and benefits of aging saying "getting older isn't just about arm flab or memor...

  • The Internet Grandad

    The Internet Grandad

    0 Popular Vote

    The Internet Grandpa is a vlog, or video blog, hosted on YouTube that started in 2006 by a 79 year old man. It covers a range of topics that are helpful for seniors such as "How To Make Your Computer...

  • The Joy of Six

    The Joy of Six

    0 Popular Vote

    Joy of Six is written by a mother of four grown children focusing on tales of love, life and laughter. She writes nothing about politics or about controversial issues, she just wishes to tell her joyf...

  • The Next Stage: Women and Retirement

    The Next Stage: Women and Retirement

    0 Popular Vote

    Karen Bojar's blog, The Next Stage: Women and Retirement, is intended for women who are retired or thinking about retirement...

  • bigjohn


    0 Popular Vote

    If you want a senior living blog with a real a sense of humor "bigjohn" is a great blog. With a warning sign saying "Warning! Elderly Person Blogging" john shares his spirited take on the world and da...

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