Best Caregiver Websites 2013

Families and seniors often face major decisions for which they need help. We found the best websites offering great resources and content for caregivers and their families.



The winner of Best Caregiver Websites is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Best Caregiver Websites!

  • Lift Simplified Caregiving

    Lift Simplified Caregiving

    52 Judges Score  321 Popular Vote

    Lift Simplified Caregiving was born from the recognized need to bring practical products, trusted services and helpful advice to the people who needed it most - caregivers. Providing care for a loved...

People's Choice

People's Choice

The people have spoken! The People's Choice Winner of Best Caregiver Websites is the best senior living resource that earned the highest number of votes during the voting period. Congratulations to the People's Choice Winner of Best Caregiver Websites!

  • Answers for Elders

    Answers for Elders

    44 Judges Score  605 Popular Vote believes that no one should have to experience navigating taking care of your senior loved one feeling alone and unsupported. Caregivers are living in a daunting world and Answer...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Best Caregiver Websites as ranked by our panel.

  • Caring From a Distance

    Caring From a Distance

    49.25 Judges Score  23 Popular Vote

    Caring From a Distance aims to support caregivers who are trying to take care of an aging loved one from a distance. A website created by men and women who personally struggled with the anguish, stre...

  • Next Step in Care

    Next Step in Care

    49 Judges Score  12 Popular Vote

    Created by the United Hospital Fund, Next Step in Care: Family Caregivers and Health Care Professionals Working Together is a multi-year, multi-dimensional campaign that is designed to change health c...

  • Emeritus Senior Living Elder Care Resources

    Emeritus Senior Living Elder Care Resources

    48 Judges Score  134 Popular Vote

    Emeritus Senior Living's Elder Care Resources is a robust set of tools for caregivers, including an elder care glossary, information on senior health and wellness, answers to commonly asked questions...

  • Sunrise Senior Living - Senior Care Resources

    Sunrise Senior Living - Senior Care Resources

    47 Judges Score  15 Popular Vote

    Sunrise Senior Living offers numerous valuable resources for caregivers, including a resources page with links to both internal and external resources, information on Alzheimer's disease and memory ca...

  • Sage Minder

    Sage Minder

    45.5 Judges Score  71 Popular Vote

    Sage Minder offers comprehensive resources for seniors and their caregivers through health information resources, an online community of caregivers to share ideas, experiences and support, and tools f...

  • eCare Diary

    eCare Diary

    44 Judges Score  49 Popular Vote

    A website created based on the founder’s, John Mills, experience as a caregiver for his father who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, eCare Diary provides comprehensive information, tools and reso...

  • Caring Wise

    Caring Wise

    43.75 Judges Score  5 Popular Vote

    Caring Wise makes it simple to organize health information and coordinate care among family, friends and professionals. CaringWise is dedicated to alleviating stress on the family caregiver. To do tha...

  • CaregivingHelp


    42.5 Judges Score  114 Popular Vote

    In addition to connecting you with Eldercare Consultants, the goal of this website is to provide caregivers with educational materials and resources that are applicable to many different caregiving si...

  • Marshall, Parker & Weber

    Marshall, Parker & Weber

    42 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    At Marshall, Parker, & Weber you’ll find articles, videos, and webcasts on estate planning, special needs planning, home care options, and more...

  • AARP Caregiving Help and Advice from Genworth

    AARP Caregiving Help and Advice from Genworth

    42 Judges Score  194 Popular Vote

    First national service to integrate care assessment, care planning and provider matching for the family caregiver. The only service of its kind that is endorsed by AARP. To help today's caregivers, th...

  • Don't Lose Heart

    Don't Lose Heart

    41.5 Judges Score  39 Popular Vote

    Sometimes just knowing that others have experienced the same nightmares, doubts, fears, and “selfish” thoughts and resentments can lighten the load a bit. Use the comment boxes at the bottom of ea...

  • Caregiver Resource Network

    Caregiver Resource Network

    40.75 Judges Score  46 Popular Vote

    The Caregiver Resource Network is a collaboration of West Michigan organizations dedicated to providing for the needs and welfare of family and professional caregivers within the community that will i...

  • Thriving in the Middle

    Thriving in the Middle

    40 Judges Score  178 Popular Vote

    Thriving in the Middle is created by Kathleen Cleary, a 15-year caregiving veteran who offers up helpful tips and valuable information for caregivers, helping them to overcome the common challenges of...

  • Share the Care

    Share the Care

    37.5 Judges Score  35 Popular Vote

    ShareTheCaregiving™, Inc. seeks to improve the "quality of life" of persons who are seriously ill, disabled, or experiencing the challenges of aging, and to reduce stress, depression, isolation and...

  • Seniority Matters

    Seniority Matters

    36.5 Judges Score  12 Popular Vote

    Seniority Matters offers a free comprehensive network of pre-screened and top quality Home Healthcare, Lifestyle, and Concierge services specifically designed to help seniors and their family members...

  • Four Seasons

    Four Seasons

    33.5 Judges Score  25 Popular Vote

    Four Seasons is a non-profit organization, deeply committed to serving the community through fulfilling its mission of Co-Creating The Care Experience. The website offers useful information for caregi...

  • Farr Law Firm

    Farr Law Firm

    32 Judges Score  13 Popular Vote

    Welcome to the Farr Law Firm, home of Certified Elder Law Attorney* Evan H. Farr, creator of the Living Trust Plus™ and one of the leading Elder Law Attorneys in Virginia and foremost experts in the...

  • Senior Resource Central

    Senior Resource Central

    29.5 Judges Score  42 Popular Vote

    Senior Resource Central is a website full of answers to the common questions related to helping your aging parents. Proven resources, tips and ideas that take the stress out of caring for your senior...

  • Celsya Life

    Celsya Life

    28 Judges Score  41 Popular Vote

    Celsya Life is a free social platform that enables caregivers to join online and local support communities, find resources, and use health tools to ultimately lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Member...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Best Caregiver Websites. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!


    9 Popular Vote provides expert information, practical action steps, guides, resources and personalized plans to help caregivers make sound decisions and successfully navigate the complex world of elderc...

  • Aging Wisely

    Aging Wisely

    7 Popular Vote

    Aging Wisely strives to bring you useful caregiver tips, senior care news, advice for caregivers and up to date news on eldercare...

  • AARP Caregiving Resource Center

    AARP Caregiving Resource Center

    5 Popular Vote

    The AARP Caregiving Resource Center provides tools, worksheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver. The portal also offers the opportunity to connect with an expert...

  • Comfort Keepers Family Education Center

    Comfort Keepers Family Education Center

    5 Popular Vote

    In our Family Education Center, we share with you the knowledge we have gained through more than a decade of home care service to seniors and their loved ones. You will find valuable information on se...

  • 101 Eldercare

    101 Eldercare

    4 Popular Vote provides online resources on elder care, long term care, home health care and senior services etc. to senior citizens and caregivers. On our site you can find related news, articles...

  • Aging in Place

    Aging in Place

    4 Popular Vote

    Our mission is to provide Caregivers, Seniors, and Baby Boomers resources for aging in place...

  • Grandview of Roxborough - Retirement Living 101

    Grandview of Roxborough - Retirement Living 101

    4 Popular Vote

    Grandview of Roxborough offers a number of resource articles related to locating a senior living community, financial information, retirement living, lifestyle considerations and more...

  • - Caregiving - Caregiving

    4 Popular Vote

    The page dedicated to caregiving provides a number of resources for the 66 million Americans who are providing care services each and every day for those that are aged, ill or disabled. R...

  • Caregiver Media Group

    Caregiver Media Group

    2 Popular Vote

    Caregiver Media Group is a leading provider of information, support and guidance for family and professional caregivers. Founded in 1995, they produce Today's Caregiver magazine, the first national ma...

  • Caregiver Support

    Caregiver Support

    2 Popular Vote helps family caregivers find information and support that will aid them through their caregiving journey...

  • Caregiver Survival Network

    Caregiver Survival Network

    2 Popular Vote

    The Caregiver’s Survival Network grew out of a personal need to connect with other caregivers and be part of a community where experiences and feelings could be shared and support could always be go...

  • Caregiver's Home Companion

    Caregiver's Home Companion

    2 Popular Vote

    The online home of The Caregiver’s Home Companion, the foremost provider of useful tips, advice, information and resources to the family caregiver of the elderly. Online, visit this site often for a...

  • Caregiver-Support


    2 Popular Vote

    This site was created to provide caregivers support and helpful resources. Caring for a loved one can be difficult at times, but hopefully some of these resources will make your job as a caregiver a l...

  • Caregiving Club

    Caregiving Club

    2 Popular Vote

    Dedicated to empowering family caregivers on how to balance self-care while caregiving, the Caregiving Club offers consulting services and educational content with a message to empower caregivers to p...

  • Dementia Care Central

    Dementia Care Central

    2 Popular Vote

    DementiaCareCentral is a resource center for dementia caregivers, and more! There is already a lot of information about dementia on the Internet, but it's not always well organized and can be overwhel...

  • Elder Law Answers

    Elder Law Answers

    2 Popular Vote

    Since 2000, ElderLawAnswers has been the Web’s leading online destination for reader-friendly news and explanations of Medicaid coverage of long-term care, Medicare benefits, estate planning, guardi...

  • Family Caregiver Alliance

    Family Caregiver Alliance

    2 Popular Vote

    The Family Caregiver Alliance is a public voice for caregivers, illuminating the daily challenges they face, offering them the assistance they so desperately need and deserve, and championing their ca...

  • Family Caregiving 101

    Family Caregiving 101

    2 Popular Vote

    Family Caregiving 101 is a great place to find assistance, answers, new ideas and helpful advice — for you and your loved one...

  • Generations Unite

    Generations Unite

    2 Popular Vote

    The complete resource for connecting families & friends, collaborating with care providers, and supporting your loved one through life's stages...

  • Healthy Caregiving

    Healthy Caregiving

    2 Popular Vote

    Healthy Caregiving is committed to introducing the most up-to-date information and materials to caregivers worldwide on compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction. We offer strategies for creating...

  • Helping Caregivers

    Helping Caregivers

    2 Popular Vote

    As the role of caregivers and caregiving change, will be there with the very latest information. You will find many advantages in using the internet for your needs and we are com...

  • Michael J. Fox Foundation: Support & Caregiving

    Michael J. Fox Foundation: Support & Caregiving

    2 Popular Vote

    Parkinson's disease brings challenges for loved ones and caregivers as well as for Parkinson's patients. Our caregiver-edited guide offers suggestions and advice for those dealing with a loved one wit...

  • Partners Against Pain - Caregiver Corner

    Partners Against Pain - Caregiver Corner

    2 Popular Vote

    Find the information, encouragement and tools you need to address the challenges of caring for your loved one in pain...

  • Senior Holistic Living

    Senior Holistic Living

    2 Popular Vote

    Senior Holistic Living is a comforting resource for caregivers who are seeking guidance, encouragement, and more balance in their life. We are a reminder that caregiving does not have to be a mindless...

  • Strength for Caring

    Strength for Caring

    2 Popular Vote

    The Johnson & Johnson Caregiver Initiative is a pioneer in the emerging field of family caregiver support and (SFC) is the cornerstone of this important program. SFC is a compreh...

  • Caregiver Action Network

    Caregiver Action Network

    1 Popular Vote

    Being a family caregiver for a spouse, parent, child or loved one takes a lot of time, effort and work. It challenges you both intellectually and emotionally. You deserve reliable resources and helpf...

  • Caregiver Stress

    Caregiver Stress

    1 Popular Vote

    Resources for caregivers through articles, stories, videos, and special programs from caregiving experts...

  • Caring for Your Parents

    Caring for Your Parents

    1 Popular Vote

    The Caring for Your Parents Web site contains a wealth of online resources for people caring for aging parents, other relations, or friends. The site is also valuable for those who expect to become ca...

  • Children of Aging Parents

    Children of Aging Parents

    1 Popular Vote

    Children of Aging Parents is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to assist the nation's nearly 54 million caregivers of the elderly or chronically ill with reliable information, refe...

  • Full Circle Care

    Full Circle Care

    1 Popular Vote

    Full Circle is a collaboration of fourteen local aging services agencies in North Carolina that provide a comprehensive offering of services and programs to support family caregiving...

  • National Caregivers Library

    National Caregivers Library

    1 Popular Vote

    Offering a wide number of helpful articles, forms, checklists and links to additional resources on a range of caregiving topics, The National Caregivers Library is an excellent resource for caregivers...

  • VA Caregiver Support

    VA Caregiver Support

    1 Popular Vote

    VA knows your focus as a Family Caregiver is taking care of the Veteran you love. It can be an incredibly demanding job, and we want you to know you don't have to do it alone...

  • ALZwell Caregiver Support

    ALZwell Caregiver Support

    0 Popular Vote

    ALZwell Caregiver Support has been continuously published since 1996 as a heartfelt and practical resource for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia caregivers. We don't pretend that caring for a person wi...

  • Easter Seals Disability Services

    Easter Seals Disability Services

    0 Popular Vote

    For decades, Easter Seals' Adult Day Services have put hope within reach for thousands of adults. Easter Seals provides a variety of home and community-based services affording adults and seniors oppo...

  • Help Starts

    Help Starts

    0 Popular Vote

    The population in our country is growing older and living longer. That can put a lot of stress on older people and their families. If you or your loved ones are facing the difficulties of aging, know...

  • Living Trust Plus

    Living Trust Plus

    0 Popular Vote

    Certified Elder Law Attorney Evan H. Farr, one of the nation's leading estate planning, elder law, and asset protection attorneys, has developed a unique asset protection trust called the Living Trust...

  • Paying for Seniors Care

    Paying for Seniors Care

    0 Popular Vote

    The website and the Eldercare Financial Resource Locator Tool were created and are maintained by the American Elder Care Research Organization. The organization’s mission is...

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  • Websites with helpful information about caregiving and senior living targeted to caregivers and their families
  • This category does not include email newsletters, senior living providers or blogs