Best Senior Living Online Retailers 2012

Online retail sales have reached nearly 10% of retail sales overall in the US. In the senior living space there are many emerging online retailers that may someday become big brand names. In this category, we have highlighted the best online retailers who sell senior living products.



The winner of Best Senior Living Online Retailers is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Best Senior Living Online Retailers!

  • Parentgiving


    43 Judges Score  3 Popular Vote was created to help time-starved caregivers provide better care for their aging parents by providing: in-depth information and helpful checklists about a variety of caregiving topics...

People's Choice

People's Choice

The people have spoken! The People's Choice Winner of Best Senior Living Online Retailers is the best senior living resource that earned the highest number of votes during the voting period. Congratulations to the People's Choice Winner of Best Senior Living Online Retailers!

  • Resistance Chair

    Resistance Chair

    32 Judges Score  93 Popular Vote

    Health and improving your lifestyle is important to us. We offer the latest and greatest, low-impact, rehabilitation and senior fitness health and workout equipment out on the market today...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Best Senior Living Online Retailers as ranked by our panel.

  • MTS Medical Supply

    MTS Medical Supply

    34 Judges Score  5 Popular Vote

    MTS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, reasonably priced products designed to make your life easier and help you maintain your independence...

  • Nurture Connect

    Nurture Connect

    33.5 Judges Score  80 Popular Vote

    We started Nurture Connect because, like you, our lives are busy. Many of us are managing families (including our children and our parents), while being involved in our communities, being good friends...

  • Independent Living Aids

    Independent Living Aids

    31.5 Judges Score  8 Popular Vote

    Independent living aids, LLC is the oldest privately-held, mail-order company in the United States of products for individuals who are visually impaired or blind...

  • Elder Store

    Elder Store

    31 Judges Score  22 Popular Vote

    Our aim is to offer products that help retain independence and dignity. Anything that can aid someone to be able to "do it themselves" is what we attempting to achieve with our product selection...

  • Modern Senior Products

    Modern Senior Products

    30 Judges Score  7 Popular Vote

    Modern Senior Products LLC is a woman-owned company. As a daughter, I found through my own personal experience with my aging family members that there was a real need in the senior population for...

  • Never Lost Wristbands

    Never Lost Wristbands

    28 Judges Score  3 Popular Vote

    This online retailer tries to offer affordable products to the caregivers of seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Best Senior Living Online Retailers. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Active Forever

    Active Forever

    1 Popular Vote

    Medical Supplies, Safety Equipment, and Innovative Health Products that help keep you active forever...

  • All Lift Chairs

    All Lift Chairs

    1 Popular Vote

    Lift Chairs and other products for seniors...

  • Allman Products

    Allman Products

    1 Popular Vote

    Allman Products features a wide selection of Home Healthcare Products and Medical Supplies...

  • Boomers Supply

    Boomers Supply

    1 Popular Vote

    Boomers Supply is a company run by boomers that caters to the interests of boomers. We select high-quality name-brand products priced to provide good value for our patrons. We continually search for j...

  • Caregiver Products

    Caregiver Products

    1 Popular Vote


  • Easier Living

    Easier Living

    1 Popular Vote

    A company dedicated to making quality products for caregivers...

  • Elder Depot

    Elder Depot

    1 Popular Vote


  • Elderluxe


    1 Popular Vote

    Age Well. That’s our mantra and it is what drives our spirit in every day life. Of course, aging is not always that much fun, is it? During every life-stage we are presented with particular pains a...

  • GeriCareShop


    1 Popular Vote

    Online retailer of incontinence products...

  • Lift Chairs

    Lift Chairs

    1 Popular Vote

    Retailer of lift chairs and other lift products for seniors...

  • Mobility Care

    Mobility Care

    1 Popular Vote

    Products to improve the mobility of seniors...

  • Parents That Care

    Parents That Care

    1 Popular Vote

    Not only do our products for the elderly offer the senior caregiver the assistance necessary to create just the right environment your loved ones need, they also help provide the safety we all desire...


    1 Popular Vote improves the lives of people getting older and the people who care about them...

  • Senior Store

    Senior Store

    1 Popular Vote

    Need a birthday gift for a senior, gift for the elderly or Christmas gift for grandma? Shop our gifts for seniors & gifts for the elderly! Seniorstore® has 50th wedding anniversary gifts, 40th annive...

  • Senior Superstores

    Senior Superstores

    1 Popular Vote

    If you are a senior or someone with impairments that affect your ability to live comfortably and independently, then we are your One-Stop-Shop to help you live with more self-confidence and more digni...

  • The Alzheimer's Store

    The Alzheimer's Store

    1 Popular Vote

    The Alzheimer's Store is dedicated to providing unique products and information for those caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease...

  • The Caregiver Partnership

    The Caregiver Partnership

    1 Popular Vote

    The Caregiver Partnership offers great articles for caregivers along with a variety of senior products...

  • VQ ActionCare

    VQ ActionCare

    1 Popular Vote

    VQ ActionCare arose out of the demand for safe, low-impact products specifically tailored for at-home rehabilitation and fitness-conscious individuals...

  • Age Comfort

    Age Comfort

    0 Popular Vote is Canada's premier online source for Comfort Products! Our growing line of comfort products includes Daily Living Aids, Mobility Aids, Incontinence, Vitamins & Supplements and Health C...

  • Home Health Medical

    Home Health Medical

    0 Popular Vote

    ome Health Medical offers quality home care medical supplies and equipment. Find home medical products for you or a loved one and have them shipped – for free – right to your door...

Award Program Details

  • Online retail websites that sell products for caregivers and their families.
  • Consumers must be able to purchase products online through the website (we are not just looking for product companies that have websites to allow people to do research).
  • At least 50% of the retailers products should be for seniors or their caregivers.