Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations 2012

There are many organizations in the senior living industry that publish a blog. We gathered the best blogs out there, specifically blogs that are targeted towards caregivers and are affiliated with a corporation or organization in the senior living space.



The winner of Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations!

  • NY Times - The New Old Age

    NY Times - The New Old Age

    75 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    Thanks to the marvels of medical science, our parents are living longer than ever before. Adults over age 80 are the fastest growing segment of the population; most will spend years dependent on other...

People's Choice

People's Choice

The people have spoken! The People's Choice Winner of Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations is the best senior living resource that earned the highest number of votes during the voting period. Congratulations to the People's Choice Winner of Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations!

  • Caregiver Tips

    Caregiver Tips

    49 Judges Score  238 Popular Vote

    Caregiver Tips offers the latest news and advice on senior care...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations as ranked by our panel.

  • Sunrise Senior Living

    Sunrise Senior Living

    71 Judges Score  10 Popular Vote

    The Sunrise Senior Living blog offers tips for senior living professionals, healthy aging advice, coverage of senior living industry-related news and a variety of other topics pertinent to the aging p...

  • Life Lived Forward

    Life Lived Forward

    67.5 Judges Score  152 Popular Vote

    Life Lived Forward has exceptional variety—everything from wellness and caregiver information to finance and travel for seniors. The site’s resources are helpful and include uplifting stories wit...

  • Aging with Grace

    Aging with Grace

    67 Judges Score  20 Popular Vote

    All too many times overwhelmed caregivers are physically and emotionally depleted and need to take time to rest and care for themselves. Believing in a holistic approach to caregiver stress and a stro...

  • Assisted Living Assisted Living

    65 Judges Score  5 Popular Vote Assisted Living Blog consistently offers caregivers and seniors up to date news, helpful tips, and great resources...

  • The Caregiver's Voice Blog

    The Caregiver's Voice Blog

    62 Judges Score  7 Popular Vote

    The Caregiver's Voice tries to bring hope and strength to caregivers of adults with cognitive impairment through knowledge, support, resources, and humor...

  • Marshall Elder and Estate Planning Blog

    Marshall Elder and Estate Planning Blog

    59.5 Judges Score  15 Popular Vote

    Helping seniors preserve health and financial security for themselves and their loved ones...

  • EPOCH Senior Living Blog

    EPOCH Senior Living Blog

    59 Judges Score  9 Popular Vote

    Profiles of residents, community happenings, aging tips and more are found at the Epoch Senior Living blog...

  • EasyLiving Blog

    EasyLiving Blog

    57.5 Judges Score  8 Popular Vote

    EasyLiving offers flexible, high quality, personalized home care delivered according to an individual's needs and schedules. The EasyLiving blog offers frequent updates with topics covering a breadth...

  • Eldercare ABC blog

    Eldercare ABC blog

    57 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    EldercareABC began as an idea based on empathy and community. My wife Sandy and I had cared for both of our parents and now they were all gone. What was not gone was the memory of how challenging the...

  • Aging Wisely

    Aging Wisely

    56 Judges Score  9 Popular Vote

    Aging Wisely strives to bring you useful caregiver tips, senior care news, advice for caregivers and up to date news on eldercare...

  • Medical Supplies Blog

    Medical Supplies Blog

    55 Judges Score  11 Popular Vote

    Medical supplies, medical equipment, and healthcare equipment purchases are extremely important. With the wide variety of products available to consumers, trying to differentiate between the good prod...

  • Aware of Your Care

    Aware of Your Care

    54.5 Judges Score  92 Popular Vote

    This blog is a resource for patients and their caregivers where they can learn caregiving tools to advocate for patients with cancer, dementia or diabetic, cardiac and other chronic diseases...

  • 101 Eldercare Blog

    101 Eldercare Blog

    54 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote provides online resources on elder care, long term care, home health care and senior services etc. to senior citizens and caregivers. On our site you can find related news, articles...

  • The Connected Caregiver

    The Connected Caregiver

    51.5 Judges Score  25 Popular Vote

    Steve Slon, the former editor-in-chief of AARP Magazine, and two other writers contribute to frequent posts related to senior living and the caregiving journey...

  • Jewish Sacred Aging

    Jewish Sacred Aging

    51 Judges Score  6 Popular Vote

    A forum for the Jewish Community with resources and texts that feature discussions on the implications of the revolution in longevity for Baby Boomers and their families...

  • Everyday Health Caregiver Blog

    Everyday Health Caregiver Blog

    49.5 Judges Score  134 Popular Vote

    Lynda Shrager is a breast cancer survivor, mother of a child with Crohn's disease, and daughter of parents who have had every disease in the book. Lynda is the author of "Otherwise Healthy: A Planner...

  • Thrive by Design Blog

    Thrive by Design Blog

    48 Judges Score  78 Popular Vote

    Thrive by Design offers tips and guidance to seniors trying to remain at home...

  • Horizon Care Services' Blog

    Horizon Care Services' Blog

    47 Judges Score  7 Popular Vote

    Horizon Care Services' blog provides information on senior care and services...

  • Dementia Wanderers Good News

    Dementia Wanderers Good News

    45 Judges Score  7 Popular Vote

    This blog tries to offer senior care advice and information to family caregivers...

  • Senior Lifestyle Concierge

    Senior Lifestyle Concierge

    44 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    Senior Lifestyle Concierge provides tips for seniors and their caregivers to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle while in their homes...

  • Flower Mound Assisted Living Blog

    Flower Mound Assisted Living Blog

    39 Judges Score  5 Popular Vote

    The Flower Mound Assisted Living blog offers regular updates, including the facility's Life Enrichment Calendar and informative resource articles for seniors and caregivers...

  • Sage Minder Blog

    Sage Minder Blog

    38 Judges Score  24 Popular Vote

    Sage Life Technologies is owned and operated by Loridian LLC, a technology and training consulting firm. Sage Life Technologies is an active member of the American Telemedicine Association, National F...

  • Atlantic Shores - Dog Blog

    Atlantic Shores - Dog Blog

    37 Judges Score  94 Popular Vote

    The Atlantic Shores Blog follows two Guide Dogs in training being raised by two of Atlantic Shores' IL residents in a partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind...



The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Best Senior Living Blogs by Organizations. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Daystar Senior Living Blog

    Daystar Senior Living Blog

    2 Popular Vote

    Daystar Retirement Village keeps seniors updated on the latest news and tips for senior health, and living...

  • Age Blog - American Society on Aging

    Age Blog - American Society on Aging

    1 Popular Vote

    Discussing the latest developments in the fields of senior care and aging...

  • Always Best Care Chapel Hill Blog

    Always Best Care Chapel Hill Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    This blog discusses the central topics of caregiving, while giving tips on caring for your aging loved one...

  • Care Trak Home Care Blog

    Care Trak Home Care Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Care Trak's blog addresses issues facing seniors and their families...

  • Caring People Blog

    Caring People Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Caring People Blog covers a variety of senior care topics from caregiving burnout to hospice care to home care hazards...

  • Changing Aging Blog

    Changing Aging Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    The Changing Aging Blog provides frequent updates on senior living, including information on caregiving, Veterans, regulatory updates and humorous anecdotes...

  • Compassionate Companions Blog

    Compassionate Companions Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Compassionate Companions Blog offers tips on senior care and senior living...

  • Elder Care at Home Blog

    Elder Care at Home Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Elder Care at Home offers advice to families with aging loved ones...

  • Eldercare Solutions of Michigan Blog

    Eldercare Solutions of Michigan Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Helpful advice for family caregivers on how to make sure their senior is healthy and safe...

  • Engage As You Age Blog

    Engage As You Age Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    The Engage As You Age Blog discusses the latest developments in senior health care and senior living...

  • Everyone is Aging

    Everyone is Aging

    1 Popular Vote

    The Everyone is Aging blog celebrates ideas and thoughts that break down the wall of age segregation and promote ways that people of all ages and abilities can live and work together...

  • Forbes Aging Parents Blog

    Forbes Aging Parents Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    I'm a California girl, born and raised here, with an abiding interest in health issues and particularly, healthy aging. I have always loved working with older people, probably because I had this amazi...

  • Freedom Home Healthcare Blog

    Freedom Home Healthcare Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Freedom Home Healthcare's Blog features senior care articles written by experts and members of their staff...

  • Imagine Age

    Imagine Age

    1 Popular Vote

    On a mission to change the face of aging from scary, boring, and a place no one wants to go willingly, Dr. Heiser teamed up with an amazing group of colleagues in the field, to make aging something to...

  • Inside Elder Care

    Inside Elder Care

    1 Popular Vote

    My goal is to educate and inspire you to make your elder care experience a positive on for you and your family. I hope you enjoy Inside Elder Care and that I’m able to somehow make your journey a bi...

  • KnowitAlz Blog

    KnowitAlz Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    A blog that focuses on providing an online community for the families and people affected by Alzheimer's...

  • Maria Shriver's Blog

    Maria Shriver's Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Maria Shriver's blog goes beyond the Alzheimer's caregiver to offer valuable insight and expertise into the world of caregiving for any aging or disabled loved one. Maria enhances her own expert advic...

  • My Elder Advocate

    My Elder Advocate

    1 Popular Vote

    My Elder Advocate tries to keep seniors and their families updated on nursing home abuses and new legislation...

  • MyOptumHealth - Seniors' Health

    MyOptumHealth - Seniors' Health

    1 Popular Vote

    Myoptumhealth covers a broad spectrum of senior health and wellness topics...

  • Senior Living Blog

    Senior Living Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Articles about Senior Housing, Living and tips on marketing and online media...

  • Seniors Aloud

    Seniors Aloud

    1 Popular Vote

    A blog for seniors to voice their opinions on issues that matter to seniors...

  • Seniors Computer Blog

    Seniors Computer Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    The Seniors Computer Blog covers developments in the nascent field of elderly computing, by the makers of PointerWare Seniors Software...

  • Silver Census

    Silver Census

    1 Popular Vote

    Aging Americans deserve to retire in safe, affordable environments based on their healthcare needs. By allowing consumers access to unlimited outreach programs, senior care providers and government-ru...

  • Synergy HomeCare Blog

    Synergy HomeCare Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Synergy Home Care offers more than just information on their services but a engaging blog that provides caregivers with great resources and information whether they decided to use Synergy Home care or...

  • Tweeten Eldercare Blog

    Tweeten Eldercare Blog

    1 Popular Vote

    Tweeten Elder Care focuses on interviewing the seniors they care for and learning about their lives...

  • Vantage Point: Veterans Affairs

    Vantage Point: Veterans Affairs

    1 Popular Vote

    A blog written from the Vantage Point of U.S. Veterans...

  • Welcome Home Management

    Welcome Home Management

    1 Popular Vote

    This blog highlights their communities, while offering useful information on senior health and care...

Award Program Details

  • Consumer-focused content: the majority of the content is targeted to consumers (vs. the senior living industry)
  • Content related to caregiving, assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer’s/memory care, skilled nursing care,and continuing care.
  • Blogs, which means that the content is displayed in reverse-chronological order. To qualify, a blog must have at least six posts per year.
  • Blog must be affiliated with a corporation or organization and not just an individual.