Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers 2012

Families and seniors often face major decisions for which they need help. We found the best Websites and Newsletters that have great resources and content for caregivers and their families.



The winner of Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers is awarded to the finalist that earns the highest rating during the Best Senior Living Awards. Congratulations to the winner of Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers!

  • Sage Minder

    Sage Minder

    58 Judges Score  100 Popular Vote

    Sage Minder offers comprehensive resources for seniors and their caregivers through health information resources, an online community of caregivers to share ideas, experiences and support, and tools f...

People's Choice

People's Choice

The people have spoken! The People's Choice Winner of Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers is the best senior living resource that earned the highest number of votes during the voting period. Congratulations to the People's Choice Winner of Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers!


    51.5 Judges Score  376 Popular Vote provides expert information, practical action steps, guides, resources and personalized plans to help caregivers make sound decisions and successfully navigate the complex world of elderc...



To earn a spot as a finalist for the Best Senior Living Awards, the following senior living resources received the highest number of consumer votes. Our dedicated panel of experts rated these senior living resources. Here are the Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers as ranked by our panel.

  • Silver Planet

    Silver Planet

    55 Judges Score  9 Popular Vote

    Silver Planet helps baby boomers guide their parents by providing services and products related to aging at home and housing options, as well as offers a regular newsletter and articles for caregivers...

  • Caring From a Distance

    Caring From a Distance

    52 Judges Score  28 Popular Vote

    Caring From a Distance aims to support caregivers who are trying to take care of an aging loved one from a distance. A website created by men and women who personally struggled with the anguish, stre...

  • Senior Resource Central

    Senior Resource Central

    51 Judges Score  13 Popular Vote

    Senior Resource Central is a website full of answers to the common questions related to helping your aging parents. Proven resources, tips and ideas that take the stress out of caring for your senior...

  • eCare Diary

    eCare Diary

    49 Judges Score  12 Popular Vote

    A website created based on the founder’s, John Mills, experience as a caregiver for his father who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, eCare Diary provides comprehensive information, tools and reso...

  • Los Angeles Jewish Home eNews

    Los Angeles Jewish Home eNews

    48.5 Judges Score  12 Popular Vote

    For five generations, the nonprofit Los Angeles Jewish Home has been the place of safety and security, activity, wellness and longevity for seniors. The Jewish Home Enews publication tries to deliver...

  • Comfort Keepers Family Education Center

    Comfort Keepers Family Education Center

    48.5 Judges Score  13 Popular Vote

    In our Family Education Center, we share with you the knowledge we have gained through more than a decade of home care service to seniors and their loved ones. You will find valuable information on se...

  • CaregivingHelp


    48 Judges Score  6 Popular Vote

    In addition to connecting you with Eldercare Consultants, the goal of this website is to provide caregivers with educational materials and resources that are applicable to many different caregiving si...

  • The Caregiver's Voice

    The Caregiver's Voice

    47.5 Judges Score  11 Popular Vote

    The Caregiver’s Voice is the independent voice for family and professional caregivers of adults with brain impairment or dementia caused by Alzheimer’s, stroke, related illnesses or trauma. Resour...

  • Elder Law Answers

    Elder Law Answers

    47 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    Since 2000, ElderLawAnswers has been the Web’s leading online destination for reader-friendly news and explanations of Medicaid coverage of long-term care, Medicare benefits, estate planning, guardi...

  • Don't Lose Heart

    Don't Lose Heart

    46.5 Judges Score  252 Popular Vote

    Sometimes just knowing that others have experienced the same nightmares, doubts, fears, and “selfish” thoughts and resentments can lighten the load a bit. Use the comment boxes at the bottom of ea...

  • 101 Eldercare

    101 Eldercare

    46 Judges Score  6 Popular Vote provides online resources on elder care, long term care, home health care and senior services etc. to senior citizens and caregivers. On our site you can find related news, articles...


    45 Judges Score  64 Popular Vote

    Founded in 2007, is the leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. maintains a strong soc...

  • Caring Wise

    Caring Wise

    44.5 Judges Score  46 Popular Vote

    Caring Wise makes it simple to organize health information and coordinate care among family, friends and professionals. CaringWise is dedicated to alleviating stress on the family caregiver. To do tha...

  • Marshall, Parker & Weber

    Marshall, Parker & Weber

    44 Judges Score  12 Popular Vote

    At Marshall, Parker, & Weber you’ll find articles, videos, and webcasts on estate planning, special needs planning, home care options, and more...

  • Talk With Aging Parents E-zine

    Talk With Aging Parents E-zine

    43 Judges Score  25 Popular Vote

    Talk With Aging Parents is your chance to be a part of a growing community of people with aging parents. Each month an electronic newsletter or "ezine" (rhymes with magazine) will be emailed directly...

  • The Intentional Caregiver

    The Intentional Caregiver

    42.7 Judges Score  14 Popular Vote

    The Intentional Caregiver focuses on offering support, education and encouragement to the caregivers of aging loved ones...

  • The Elder Care Law Alert

    The Elder Care Law Alert

    42.5 Judges Score  6 Popular Vote

    The laws, regulations, and programs that are so important to seniors seem to change almost constantly. To keep our clients, their families, and elder care network professionals up-to-date on the chang...

  • Seniority Matters

    Seniority Matters

    42.2 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    Seniority Matters offers a free comprehensive network of pre-screened and top quality Home Healthcare, Lifestyle, and Concierge services specifically designed to help seniors and their family members...

  • 50plus


    42.2 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    The internet portal for Canada’s 14.5 million Zoomers(50+). Featuring Health, Money, Travel, Lifestyle and Relationships topics. We cover many of the same topics that resonate with Zoomers of all ag...

  • ALFA Consumer Corner

    ALFA Consumer Corner

    42 Judges Score  2 Popular Vote

    The Assisted Living Federation of America makes sure that caregivers and seniors are well informed on assisted living and all the care options...

  • Golden Health Guide

    Golden Health Guide

    40.5 Judges Score  5 Popular Vote

    Golden Health Guide reviews can help you get the best item for your needs - whether you are looking for a dressing aid to help someone get ready in the morning, a shower seat, wheelchair cushion, adul...

  • Age In Place

    Age In Place

    40 Judges Score  3 Popular Vote

    Aging in place can help you or your loved ones continue living a full life in the home of your choice, with a focus on quality of life & independence. Learn about what it means to age in place and how...

  • Alzheimer's Foundation of America

    Alzheimer's Foundation of America

    39 Judges Score  6 Popular Vote

    The AFA publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with updates and relevant news regarding Alzheimer's, dementia and aging. AFA unites more than 1,600 member organizations from coast-to-coast that are dedicat...


    36.5 Judges Score  14 Popular Vote features the blogs of family caregivers, weekly words of comforts, free webinars and online support groups. Visitors also can join the site’s Caregiving Happiness Project, which looks...

  • AARP Caregiving Resource Center

    AARP Caregiving Resource Center

    36 Judges Score  3 Popular Vote

    The AARP Caregiving Resource Center provides tools, worksheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver. The portal also offers the opportunity to connect with an expert...

  • Aging in Place Options

    Aging in Place Options

    32.5 Judges Score  32 Popular Vote

    Aging in Place Options LLC designs comfortable and beautiful environments that serve the needs of the baby boomer, senior and disabled community...

  • Celsya Life

    Celsya Life

    32 Judges Score  13 Popular Vote

    Celsya Life is a free social platform that enables caregivers to join online and local support communities, find resources, and use health tools to ultimately lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Member...

  • AARP Bulletin

    AARP Bulletin

    31 Judges Score  4 Popular Vote

    AARP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all as we age, leading positive social change, and delivering value to members through information, advocacy, and service. The AARP Bulletin is a...

  • The Caregiver's Journal

    The Caregiver's Journal

    22 Judges Score  10 Popular Vote




The following senior living resources were nominated for a chance to earn the title of Best Websites & Newsletters for Caregivers. All of our nominees deserve an honorable mention for the valuable resources they provide for the senior living community!

  • Aging Deliberately

    Aging Deliberately

    2 Popular Vote

    Arriving by email every month, you’ll find it chock full of articles and information on important issues, many you might not have thought about before...

  • Aging Gratefully

    Aging Gratefully

    2 Popular Vote

    Podcasts on senior life, care and aging...

  • Aging Parents And Elder Care

    Aging Parents And Elder Care

    2 Popular Vote

    Helping people overcome the challenges of Elder Care...

  • Aging Pro

    Aging Pro

    2 Popular Vote is the national one-stop destination that delivers the most comprehensive set of caregiving tools, resources, community support information and access to professionals in aging available...

  • Aging Wisely

    Aging Wisely

    2 Popular Vote

    Aging Wisely strives to bring you useful caregiver tips, senior care news, advice for caregivers and up to date news on eldercare...

  • Aging in the Know

    Aging in the Know

    2 Popular Vote

    Created by the American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health in Aging (FHA), Aging in the Know offers up-to-date information for consumers on health and aging...

  • Alzheimer's Association

    Alzheimer's Association

    2 Popular Vote

    The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer research...

  • Alzheimer's Research Forum

    Alzheimer's Research Forum

    2 Popular Vote

    The Alzheimer Research Forum, founded in 1996, is the web's most dynamic scientific community dedicated to understanding Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Access to the web site is free to al...

  • Alzheimer's Support

    Alzheimer's Support

    2 Popular Vote

    Learning and sharing information to support loved ones with Alzheimer's and Dementia...

  • American Federation for Aging Research

    American Federation for Aging Research

    2 Popular Vote

    The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to support and advance healthy aging through biomedical research...

  • Assisted Living Consumer Alliance

    Assisted Living Consumer Alliance

    2 Popular Vote

    ALCA provides information for both consumers and advocates, and works collaboratively with government officials and health care professionals to improve assisted living...

  • Boomer Living Plus

    Boomer Living Plus

    2 Popular Vote

    Whether you are an adult child taking care of a parent or you are in transition yourself and seeking help, a trinket of knowledge from our network of resources can be the catalyst to make that quality...


    2 Popular Vote

    Helps you find home care, services, caregiver jobs, and articles on senior care...

  • Caring Institute

    Caring Institute

    2 Popular Vote

    The Caring Institute was founded in 1985 to honor the values of caring, integrity, and public service. Every year, we pay tribute to the most caring adults and young adults in the world. Nominations a...

  • ConnectAde


    2 Popular Vote

    ConnectAde helps you form a plan to help your aging loved ones...

  • Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living

    Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living

    2 Popular Vote

    CCAL is a non-profit national consumer advocacy and education organization whose mission is to raise awareness about and advocate for the widespread implementation of person-centered living principles...

  • Dr. Marion

    Dr. Marion

    2 Popular Vote

    Dr. Marion provides blog posts, videos, and other interactive tools to help educate caregivers about eldercare...

  • Everyday Senior Health

    Everyday Senior Health

    2 Popular Vote

    The Everyday Health Senior Health center covers everything from healthy aging to long term planning to preventative care. The blog and website provides great resources for caregivers and seniors alik...

  • Family Caregivers Online

    Family Caregivers Online

    2 Popular Vote

    Find information here if you are helping someone aged 60 and older with physical care, emotional support, daily activities, doctor visits, shopping, legal issues, financial matters, and finding resour...

  • Family Caregiving 101

    Family Caregiving 101

    2 Popular Vote

    Family Caregiving 101 is a great place to find assistance, answers, new ideas and helpful advice — for you and your loved one...

  • Graceful Aging

    Graceful Aging

    2 Popular Vote

    Graceful Aging is a cross platform resource on life as we age. We deliver a 30 minute community access television program to more than 260 markets in the U.S. and recently to 1.3 million people in C...

  • Alzheimer's Center Alzheimer's Center

    2 Popular Vote provides articles, forums, and blogs on Alzheimer's...

  • Caregiving and Support Caregiving and Support

    2 Popular Vote tries to help ease the transition by helping caregivers plan ahead, talk honestly with their loved ones, and get the support they need...

  • Modern Health Talk

    Modern Health Talk

    2 Popular Vote

    Modern Health Talk is about solutions for safe, healthy and independent living at home, with resources aimed at the empty-nested baby boomer whose time is split between her adult children (and grandch...

  • Mr. Elder Care Online

    Mr. Elder Care Online

    2 Popular Vote

    Articles, tools and resources to help ease the stress of families caring for aging parents...

  • National Caregivers Library

    National Caregivers Library

    2 Popular Vote

    Offering a wide number of helpful articles, forms, checklists and links to additional resources on a range of caregiving topics, The National Caregivers Library is an excellent resource for caregivers...

  • Sanctuary for Cancer Caregivers

    Sanctuary for Cancer Caregivers

    2 Popular Vote

    This monthly newsletter tries to help cancer caregivers...

  • Senior Care Society

    Senior Care Society

    2 Popular Vote

    Senior Care Society is commited to helping people live long healthy lives. To encourage this visit our artices on "Active and Independant" living for tips on how to stay healthy and get the most out o...

  • Senior Living Weekly by SeniorHousingNews

    Senior Living Weekly by SeniorHousingNews

    2 Popular Vote

    Senior Living Weekly is a SeniorHousingNews weekly newsletter for consumers...

  • Senior Resource

    Senior Resource

    2 Popular Vote

    The "E-cyclopedia" of housing options and information for retirement, finance, insurance and care...

  • Seniors Love to Know

    Seniors Love to Know

    2 Popular Vote

    LoveToKnow Seniors is devoted exclusively to senior citizens and their unique needs. Whether you are a senior citizen or the child or caregiver of a senior, you'll find the information you're searchin...

  • Strength for Caring

    Strength for Caring

    2 Popular Vote

    The Johnson & Johnson Caregiver Initiative is a pioneer in the emerging field of family caregiver support and (SFC) is the cornerstone of this important program. SFC is a compreh...

  • WebMD 50+

    WebMD 50+

    2 Popular Vote

    Articles, tools, and resources to live better, longer...

  • Womens Long Term Care Project

    Womens Long Term Care Project

    2 Popular Vote

    The Women’s Long Term Care Project is a new effort to conduct live educational programs at the grass roots level available nationwide. These sessions could be open to the public or offered for membe...

  • Your Move Your Terms

    Your Move Your Terms

    2 Popular Vote

    This site has been developed to assist Spokane senior citizens and their families find the way through a complicated and often emotional transition. My purpose as a Broker® and specifically, as a S...

  • Caregiver Tips by Elder Issues

    Caregiver Tips by Elder Issues

    1 Popular Vote

    A newsletter by Elder Issues that focuses on giving caregivers advice and resources...

  • Dementia Connection

    Dementia Connection

    1 Popular Vote

    Welcome to our online source of memory loss and dementia information, Alzheimer’s disease resources and caregiver support for adult children of memory-challenged persons; as well as spouses, friends...

  • Family Caregiver Alliance

    Family Caregiver Alliance

    1 Popular Vote

    The Family Caregiver Alliance is a public voice for caregivers, illuminating the daily challenges they face, offering them the assistance they so desperately need and deserve, and championing their ca...

  • Healthline Senior Health

    Healthline Senior Health

    1 Popular Vote

    Aging is a natural process, but exercising, dieting, and maintaining a healthy sex life can help you live longer, healthier and happier. Learn about health concerns special to seniors, as well as the...

  • I Care Village

    I Care Village

    1 Popular Vote

    CareVillage truly provides everything eldercare. It’s a one-stop resource center, where you can easily access all the information and emotional support you need...

  • Sixth Sense Caring

    Sixth Sense Caring

    1 Popular Vote

    Often, caregivers develop a ‘sixth sense,’ as they create unique ways to bring comfort and stimulation to a person in need- personalizing and dignifying the experience in the process...

  • The Daughter Trap

    The Daughter Trap

    1 Popular Vote

    The Daughter Trap helps women decide if they can care for an aging parent, and presents new ideas for doing so on their own terms...

Award Program Details

  • Consumer-focused content: the majority of the content is targeted to consumers (vs. the senior living industry)
  • Websites with helpful information about caregiving and senior living including assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer’s/memory care, skilled nursing homes, and home care.
  • This category also includes Email newsletters related to senior living topics including senior housing and care. The newsletter must be published at least six times a year.
  • This category does not include blogs.
  • This category does not include Senior Living Providers