An assisted living residence is a senior care facility where older adults live and receive help with their daily activities. Residents of assisted living enjoy the companionship of a tight-knit community, 24-hour support from professional caregiver staff and special care for illnesses associated with aging (such as Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia).

The main goal of assisted living is to help maintain the independence of seniors. Trained personnel help them accomplish their daily tasks through physical, emotional and mental assistance. Medical care is typically not provided.

This makes assisted living residences different from nursing homes, where a variety of medical equipment and professional healthcare providers like doctors and nurses can be found focusing mainly on providing medical care to seniors.

What Is An Assisted Living Residence Like?

The staff of an assisted living residence is composed of trained personnel, often including licensed nurses and professional caregivers, who are there to assist seniors in accomplishing everything from simple tasks, such as walking, eating, hygiene and grooming, to complex ones, such as using electronic gadgets and driving. Staff often also prepare meals for seniors, wash their laundry and observe good housekeeping.

In addition to these services, an assisted living residence also provides entertainment and recreation for its residents. For example, there may be gardens and small parks in large assisted living residences. They may also offer entertainment rooms with a TV, pool table, personal computer and other multimedia equipment.

How Does One Pay For An Assisted Living Residence?

The primary method of paying for assisted living is through the personal savings of a senior and/or their family. This can be supplemented by additional funding sources such as veterans benefits or private long-term care insurance.

Medicare, the government-funded health insurance program for adults age 65 and older, does not cover the cost of an assisted living residence. However, seniors who are eligible for Medicaid, the government insurance program for low-income individuals, may use their Medicaid benefits to pay for assisted living.

Find An Assisted Living Residence

An assisted living residence is a viable option for seniors who require assistance but would like to maintain a degree of independence in their daily lives. There are qualified personnel ready to offer their services with the genuine desire to make life for seniors comfortable. Browse our comprehensive nationwide directory to Find Assisted Living today!

Written by senior housing staff writer.