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An independent nature and love of the natural world are common among Alaska residents and seniors are no exception. Unfazed by harsh winters with the accompanying long nights, Alaskans never lose their love of the wide-open spaces and abundant wild life that their state has to offer. Most of the Alaska independent living facilities are found in the state's three largest cities: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. However, as they increase in popularity independent living communities are springing up in other locations. Although faced with a higher cost of living than most other states across the country, Alaskan household budgets are helped by dividend from oil revenues, which are distributed to residents. Additionally, Alaska enjoys the lowest tax burden per individual. It collects neither state sales tax nor individual income taxes from its citizens.

Independent Living in Alaska Defined

Independent living as opposed to assisted living is for seniors who are fully capable of taking care of themselves. They are able to make their own plans and carry them out. What an Alaska independent living facility does for the retiree is make life easier by removing those parts that are less fun and leaving more time for the enjoyment retirement living. Get out and go or sit at home and enjoy the peace and quiet, it is all up to the resident. They can cook or they can take advantage of delicious prepared meals in the dining room. Drive or take a shuttle to complete errands and book an appointment for a haircut on site or elsewhere. Independent living means the resident is in charge of their own life and chooses rather than needs help. Back to Top