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Leisure Care - Arizona has 2 featured Senior Living communities in Arizona. Please browse the listings below to find the right location for you.

Leisure Care Arizona communities resemble luxury resorts offering good friends, good food and what we call Five-Star Fun. For the past three decades, Leisure Care has worked on refining the art of senior living. You won’t find our residents mowing lawns, scrubbing floors or taking out the trash, because we do all of that for them. Our staff work hard around the clock to provide Arizona seniors with the best, and most fun, retirement experience they’ve ever had, so they can make the most out of life.

Leisure Care - Arizona Communities

  • Fairwinds - Desert Point

    Fairwinds - Desert Point

    Oro Valley, AZ 85737 Assisted Living, Independent Living, Retirement Communities
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    An independent and assisted living community, Fairwinds - Desert Point provides Oro Valley Seniors with a wide selection of spacious accommodations and resort-like lifestyle options.

  • Broadway Proper

    Broadway Proper

    Tucson, AZ 85710 Assisted Living, Independent Living, Retirement Communities
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    Offering retirees a serene desert oasis in the heart of southeast Tucson, Broadway Proper is a vibrant senior community that lets residents do what they want, when they want to!

Reviews for Leisure Care - Arizona

  • Broadway Proper

    Overall Rating
    Review by Local Professional

    Facility: Broadway Proper is just lovely. The facility feels homey and inviting. There is an energy in the air that is a refreshingly different compared to many senior living communities. There is a sense of peace and relaxation among the constant sound of pleasant conversation. The grounds are remarkably well kept and inside the facility always appears clean and uncluttered.

    Residents: The residents always seem happy and busy. They appear to be very close and friendly with one another and they seem to really enjoy living together. There is never a sense of annoyance or tension between them, but more so a relaxed, family-like connection is present.

    Staff/Quality of Care: The staff members are very nice. Very helpful to visitors. It is easy to see that they take pride in showing off their community and they are committed to caring for the residents. They take joy in resident accomplishments and they are always there to unconditionally support the residents during difficult days. I would not think twice about leaving my loved one in their care.

    Activities: There is literally always something going on during the day here, it seems. The activity schedule is packed full of fun outings, events, and activities that will keep the residents active and their days full.

    Food: I have never personally tried the food. I have, however, had more positive than negative reviews regarding the food service and staff.

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  • Broadway Proper

    Overall Rating
    Review by Mardee & Sonny
    Current/past resident

    We had lived here for one year before moving to an apartment on our own. After a year and a half we decided to return "home" to Broadway Proper because of the various programs available for us.

    The food service is very good. I enjoy the variety of meals available to choose from.

    Prime Fir has changed my life. Since I started an exercise program designed specifically for me I have not had the need for an epidural in 9 months.

    The programs and activities are plentiful! There is always something to do.

    I have several favorite staff members here also. I wish to name them and list their positive characteristics; but alas, this section is too short and I would be sure to forget some of the important people in our lives that are on staff from top to bottom.

    Mardee & Sonny Oleerst

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