2011 SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web

The 2012 Best of the Web Awards winners have been chosen.  Go check them out here!

Award categories

SeniorHomes.com 2011 Best of the Web Finalist Badge

We organized the senior living web into 7 categories. Explore the categories below to browse the top senior living and caregiving sites and discover the SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web winners, finalists and nominees.

Consumer Categories

What are the best resources for caregivers and their families? We’ve gathered them for you.

  1. Best Caregiver Resources: Looking for the best information sites for caregivers online? We’ve narrowed the list down for you and found the best resource sites to get questions answered with guidance, tips, etc.
  2. Best Government Resources: The Federal government, States, Counties and even some cities have sites created great resources with information specific to their region.

How We Determined Nominees, Finalists, and Winners


We accepted nominations from the general public via Twitter, Facebook and email. During the nomination phase of our contest we received over 200 nominations for caregiving and senior living websites, blogs and newsletters. Review our specific instructions for nominating.

All nominees are entitled to post a SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web Nominee badge on their website or blog.


We created a page for every nominated site, blog and newsletter for which we could find an appropriate category. We encouraged people to vote for their favorite sites and tracked the votes via a Facebook “Like” button on the nominee’s page. During the nomination and voting phase of the contest, we received over 2,000 votes.


The nominees with the most popular votes on December 6, 2010 were advanced to the Finalists round. The number of finalists varied for each category. For the categories with many nominees, we looked for a natural break point in the number of popular votes to determine who to send to the finalist round. For the two newsletter categories and the government resources category, categories which had small numbers of nominees, we advanced all nominees to the finalist round.

All finalists are entitled to post a SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web Finalist badge on their website or blog.

Rating the Finalists and Determining the Winners

Our panel of 15 expert judges rated the finalists. The judges rated each finalist on a scale of 1 to 5 across the following four factors:

  1. Breadth and depth of content
  2. Quality of content (accuracy, insight, uniqueness, etc)
  3. Website design, navigation and usability
  4. Quality of writing (how well written, interesting and engaging is it?)

Each category was rated by at least 3 judges, except for the 2 newsletter categories which were rated by only 2 judges. Finalists in each category were ranked and winners determined by aggregating the scores our judges gave across the 4 parameters above.

Winners will be entitled to post an official SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web Winner badge on their website or blog.

Winners of the Popular Vote

We had a tremendous amount of people voting on their favorite websites, blogs and newsletters. We have identified popular vote winners in each category.


You can send your questions regarding the SeniorHomes.com Best of the Web contest to [email protected] or via Twitter @seniorhomes.

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