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Nebraska Assisted Living

Omaha, NE (Nebraska) seen from a city parkThe State of Nebraska defines assisted living facilities as homes where shelter, food and care are provided on an on-going basis to four or more individuals. In addition, Nebraska assisted living residents must be provided with on-going social and recreational activities to promote mental and physical well-being.

In Nebraska there are 58 Assisted Living Facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs. The average cost of Assisted Living in Nebraska is $3,298 per month.

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Nebraska Assisted Living Facilities by Region

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Map of Nebraska Assisted Living Facilities

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Cost of Assisted Living in Nebraska

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The average cost of Assisted Living in Nebraska is $3,298. Assisted Living costs range from $1,075 to $7,500 depending on location and other factors.

Relief for assisted living costs are one of the benefits included in Nebraska’s Aged and Disability Waiver Program. The lower cost of daily living as compared to other states also helps to make assisted living in Nebraska a more affordable option for seniors.

City Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Median Cost
Source: Genworth - 2013
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Overview of Nebraska Assisted Living

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As home to the world’s largest porch swing (in the city of Hebron), Nebraska is a natural choice for a peaceful retirement. This Great Plains state is a perfect location for the claustrophobic who shy away from being crowded into highly populated urban areas, as 89% of the cities in Nebraska house fewer than 3,000 people. In addition, it is projected that nearly 20% of Nebraska’s population will be senior citizens by the year 2025, so assisted living residents will find plenty of like-minded company.

Assisted Living in Nebraska Defined

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Nebraska Assisted LivingThe State of Nebraska defines assisted living as a “facility where shelter, food, and care are provided for remuneration for a period of more than 24 consecutive hours to four or more persons.” In addition, residents of assisted living in Nebraska must be provided with on-going activities designed to promote mental and physical well-being. Communities that offer assisted living in Nebraska have the option of including a special wing for Alzheimer’s residents if they agree to abide by the state’s Alzheimer’s Special Care Disclosure Act. However, an assisted living facility is distinctive from a nursing home because it cannot provide complex medical care.

Regulation of Nebraska Assisted Living

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The governing body for assisted living in Nebraska is the Department of Health and Human Services. After initial inspection and licensing, the department inspects facilities under their administration in one of two ways:

  • Random Selection – Each year, the department randomly inspects 25% of the state’s licensed assisted living communities.
  • Focused Selection – A facility may be specifically chosen for inspection due to a complaint or other indication that the facility may be unsafe.
All inspections are unannounced, and no Nebraska assisted living community may go without being inspected for a period exceeding five years. Each year of their employment at an assisted living community, both facility administrators and other direct care staff must complete 12 hours of on-going training in areas appropriate to their job duties. Employees must also undergo thorough background checks and health screenings conducted prior to being hired. Each facility must also employ at least one registered nurse.

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