Senior Living Center

Senior living is a term that covers a broad range of topics, including senior health, active living for seniors, living options for seniors and much more. Below are a selection of articles that address a variety of topics on the subject of senior living.

Senior Centers: a Primer

Are you too young or active to attend a Senior Center? There’s no such thing! The Senior Centers of today are a lively, social, vibrant community hub. You will likely be amazed by the participants and pursuits you find at your local Senior Center. A wide range of ages, interests, services, hobbies and new life experiences await you. Read more about Senior Centers

Senior Citizens on the Move

As residents of Walnut Park, the Snells are encouraged to stay as long as two weeks with free overnight accommodations, meals and senior living amenities at any of Holiday’s 313 retirement communities in North America, including Hawaii and Canada. Read more about Senior Citizens and travel…

Senior Citizens on the Road: Tips for Safe Driving

There is no question that a person’s body gradually breaks down as he or she grows older. Many of the health concerns that plague our elderly loved ones in their day-to-day lives may also affect their ability to drive safely. Learn about senior citizens driving

Understanding the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale

The GAF Scale represents the fifth stage of the multi-axial assessment process that clinicians and physicians may use to determine an individual’s level of psychosocial functioning. Learn about Understanding the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale

State Resources

When it comes to caring for elderly parents, you are not alone. Promoting and encouraging the health, independence and dignity of America’s seniors is a mission of the federal government and the states. Learn more about the state resources available to seniors and their families…

Senior Advocacy and Volunteering

Volunteering can provide a job-like structure without the stress of working. Best of all, you know that your service is appreciated and needed. You may want to tutor children, serve as an advocate for other seniors in your state or work at a local animal shelter. Learn more about senior advocacy and volunteering…


Styles of grandparenting will vary depending on factors ranging from distance to custody. In all permutations of grandparent-grandchild relationships, the goal of the grandparent is the same: to connect with and care for their children’s children. Learn more about grandparenting styles…

Aging Issues - An Introduction to Elder Care

Elder Care is an umbrella term that encompasses care and services associated with the frail elderly. In some parts of the world it may be referred to as “Aged Care” and includes a wide range of services. Learn more about Aging Issues

What is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist?

A Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) is someone who understands the aging-in-place home remodeling market and the technology, tools and resources that are available to serve that market. Individuals with the CAPS designation are trained in the needs of the aging population, common remodeling projects and expenditures, codes and standards, product ideas and resources. Learn more about Certified Aging-in-Place…

Health Assessment of Older Adults

Health assessments allow caretakers and healthcare providers to evaluate the overall health and well-being of their charges, with the overall goal of encouraging and promoting independent function and general wellness. Learn more about Health Assessment of Older Adults…