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Retirement communities are an attractive option for seniors age 55 and older who want to achieve maximum enjoyment out of life with minimal upkeep. The following articles will teach you more about what you’ll find in a retirement community and how to choose the right facility for you or your loved ones.

Retirement Communities CenterRetirement Communities Overview

Seniors residing in retirement communities are able to come and go as they please, choosing which services they would like, and what activities they would like to participate in. They want to maintain an independent residence and lifestyle, but are looking for the many amenities and activities that such a community provides. Read more about Retirement Communities

What’s so Fun About Active Retirement Communities?

The amenities, activities and services available in today’s Active Retirement Communities are varied and stimulating. Knowing what is most important to your sense of well-being during retirement is the first consideration. Thinking carefully about daily activities that positively impact your state of mind is a good place to start. Read more about Active Retirement Communities

Retirement Living: Three Steps to Choosing

The challenge in planning for a significant life change, such as moving into retirement living, is that it is uncharted territory for most people. The key is knowing yourself and what you want. It is imperative to start by thinking about and listing the aspects of your life that are most important to you. Read more about choosing Retirement Living

Sustainable Senior Living Communities

Housekeeping, daily meal service and healthcare services may have been the requirements when seniors searched for retirement communities a decade or two ago, but today’s seniors are environmentally conscious and want a community that reflects their values of environmental stewardship. To find a sustainable retirement community visit our Sustainable Senior Living page.

Retirement Living Cost

Retirement Living costs can vary and depend on the type of community you select. You may be more attracted to a senior community in which you own your home or condo, typically called 55+ communities. Continuing Care Retirement Communities generally include an entry fee and monthly rent. Further amenities, activities and health needs will naturally add to the cost. Read more about Retirement Living Cost

Retirement Homes: a Good Choice for Seniors

When considering where to live during your retirement, the choices can be overwhelming. Begin by assessing your personal goals and desires. Consider location, renting vs. owning, social and recreational activities, transportation and possible medical needs. Retirement homes are often a good choice and are generally multi-residence housing facilities intended for senior citizens. Read more about Retirement Homes

Retirement Living Communities: How They Are Changing the Way People Retire

Not long ago, “retirement home” was synonymous with “nursing home.” Today, there are many levels and types of designated senior living arrangements that fall under the umbrella of senior housing. But one thing is certain: retirement living communities are a far cry from nursing homes. Here’s a look at what you can expect from retirement living today. Read more about Retirement Living Communities

Retirement Properties: Upscale Downsizing

Seniors are busier than ever with friends, family, jobs and even weekend escapes. With a house to clean, snow to shovel and those flower beds that seemed like such a good idea 20 years ago, many seniors often think about downsizing. The trick is to find retirement properties that offer downsizing without downscaling expectations. Learn more about Retirement Properties

Find Retirement Communities

We can help you in your search for retirement communities. Our nationwide directory has many options to help you find a retirement community in your local area. Find Retirement Communities now…

Retirement Centers

For seniors hitting retirement age, retirement centers have a great deal of appeal. Retirement centers, or communities, are dedicated apartments or housing communities for people 55 years or older. Learn more about Retirement Centers

Retirement Community Homes

Retirement community homes are an excellent choice for seniors over 55. A retirement community home is much like an apartment or condo but all the residents are surrounded by people that are retirement age. Learn more about retirement community homes