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Independent living is a favorite option of self-reliant seniors who maintain active lifestyles and enjoy the convenience of having cultural, social and physical services at their fingertips. Below are several informational articles to help you learn more about independent living and how to select a facility.

Independent Living CenterIndependent Living Overview

Independent living residences, also known as retirement communities, are for seniors who are generally in good health and do not need professional assistance or supervision of their daily activities.

Seniors are free to enter and leave the community as often they wish. However, many choose to take advantage of the amenities, activities and sense of community offered by their like-minded neighbors. Read more about Independent Living

Independent Living Services: A Crash Course

What services are offered when you move into an independent living community? The answer is a bit ambiguous, but true: it depends. Independent living allows you to enjoy a wide variety of social, cultural and fitness services. With your monthly fee, most facilities usually do cover the basics, such as three meals a day, maintenance, transportation to local shops and doctors’ appointments, and social activities. Read more about Independent Living Services

Independent Living Facilities: Choosing the Best for Your Loved One

Finding a new home for an elderly family member can be trying to say the least; however, if you are equipped with the right tools, finding the best independent living facility doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read more about choosing an Independent Living Facility

Independent Living Costs

Independent senior living communities provide a lifestyle free of the responsibilities that can become increasingly difficult for older adults. At the same time, the independent living costs are often comparable or even less expensive than those required to own and maintain a home. Read more about Independent Living Costs

Senior Living Community Trends

Senior living communities are relatively new, are responding to constantly changing demands and while even this industry is reacting to the current economic downturn, baby boomers are creating and responding to trends in a variety of ways. Read more about trends in Senior Living Communities

Independent Living Communities: What to Expect

Unlike other types of senior housing such as assisted living, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities, there is a lesser focus on aspects of communal living at independent living communities. Things like group dining, and organized activities and clubs may be offered at some places, but it’s not unusual for an independent living community to offer no group-oriented services at all. Learn more about what to expect at Independent Living Communities

Senior Independent Living: Many Options

Seniors have more options than ever before when it comes to types of senior independent living on the market today. The four basic options are senior independent living communities, age-restricted housing (aka “senior apartments”), naturally occurring retirement communities, and subsidized housing for seniors. Here’s a look at each of these housing options. Read more about the many options for Senior Independent Living

The Advantages of Active Living

Seniors often thrive in independent living communities due to increased opportunities to exercise, socialize and participate in active living. Populated by individuals who are committed to living life to the fullest, independent living communities encourage residents to participate in exercise programs and social activities that provide the foundation for a quality retirement lifestyle. Learn more about Active Living

Independent Senior Living vs. Retirement Villages

Independent senior living facilities and retirement villages share a number of benefits such as helping elders maintain an independent lifestyle, increasing social opportunities and decreasing home maintenance hassles. Read more about Independent Senior Living

Find Independent Living

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