Continuing Care Center

Continuing Care Center

Offering several levels of care ranging from minimal to comprehensive, continuing care is an exciting option for seniors who are beginning their journey with long-term care. The following informational articles will teach you more about continuing care, whether it’s right for your loved one, and how to finance care.

Continuing Care Overview

Continuing care allows residents the convenience of having all of the healthcare and support services they may need in one primary location. They can easily transition from one residential care setting to another, sometimes provided in the same location or by simply moving into a nearby building. Read more about Continuing Care

CCRCs: Top 10 Considerations

It’s no secret that choosing a CCRC that fits your needs, desires and budget can be a lengthy and involved process. In your evaluation, you’ll want to consider factors such as cost, location, environment, staffing, healthcare services, owner information and activities, just to name a few. Make the process of evaluating different communities easier by breaking it into manageable chunks. Read more about CCRCs

Continuing Care Retirement Communities Explained

Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer residents the ability to ‘age in place’ with the knowledge that a move will never be required for health reasons. Whereas most retirement communities offer independent living and assisted living only, CCRCs provide a continuum of care that includes independent and assisted living, secured Alzheimer’s care, and skilled nursing care. Read more about Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Costs Overview

There’s no question that compared to the costs for other types of senior housing, continuing care costs are far more numerous and expensive. The good news: while upfront continuing care costs are pricey, you may actually save a significant amount of money in the long run. With continuing care you will be paying into a system that guarantees you lifetime access to the housing, support and care you need. Read more about Continuing Care Costs

CCRC Costs: How Much Will You Pay?

Because CCRC costs are not subject to outside regulation, there can be a lot of variation between continuing care retirement communities. A number of factors influence CCRC costs. Understanding these factors can help you understand what you’ll be paying for if you move into a CCRC. Read more about CCRC costs

Tax Benefits of CCRCs

CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) adapt to aging residents’ changing mobility and health needs, but this peace of mind comes with a cost. CCRC benefits, or tax advantages can offset the costs of entrance and monthly fees. Find out more about the Financial Benefits of CCRCs…

Life Care Communities

Life care communities are different from other senior housing options in that they require a long-term, upfront financial commitment that, in turn, guarantees housing, services and nursing care all in one location through the end of life. Read more about Life Care Communities

Paying for a CCRC

Paying for residence in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is not the most straightforward thing, but it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. One thing you should know is that paying for a CCRC isn’t the same everywhere you go. Here are the most common types of fees that you can expect to pay, along with a brief look at the average ranges for these costs, and how to pay for them. Learn more about Paying for a CCRC

The CCRC Application Process

CCRC residents usually expect to live at the community they choose for the remainder of their lives. Because of the significance of that decision, the application process for a CCRC is very thorough. It’s in the best interest of both parties, applicant and community, to determine whether it’s a good fit on both sides. The CCRC application process is not identical at every community, but there are some basic standard requirements. Learn more about the CCRC Application Process

Continuing Care Retirement Homes: Right For You?

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are unique because they are the most flexible senior housing option. This type of tailored experience means that residents at the same continuing care retirement community might all have very different experiences. Having many choices can be great. But it also means you’ll have to make many decisions about what’s right for you when you decide to enter into a contract with a continuing care retirement home. Learn more about Continuing Care Retirement

Find Continuing Care

We can help you find continuing care. Our nationwide directory of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) is easy to navigate and will help you find a continuing care community near you. Find Continuing Care