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Over 55 communities serve people who want to maximize the fun and minimize the hassle in their later years. Browse the articles below to learn more about over 55 communities and what they offer.

Over 55 Community resident55+ Communities

Downsizing. Low maintenance. Independent lifestyle. These factors inspire growing numbers of seniors to choose over 55 communities. Residents of these planned real estate developments may share a life-stage and motivation for relocating, but over 55 communities are anything but cookie-cutter. Read more about Over 55 Communities

Retirement Housing: An Overview

Gone are the days when “retirement housing” was just a nice way of saying “nursing home.” These days there are many different senior living options, yet, according to a study published in The Journal of Consumer Affairs, many seniors and their families are not aware of the choices. An overview of the alternatives reveals that retirement housing is as varied as the lifestyles and needs of residents. Read more about the options for Retirement Housing

Over 55 Communities: A New Way To Retire

Many studies have confirmed the advantages of physical and mental stimulation as people age. In fact, social, recreational, physical and mental activities become even more important for the over 55 age group. Logically, living in a community of like-minded individuals can lead to satisfaction and motivation for a long and fulfilling retirement. Learn more about Over 55 Communities…

55 and Older Communities: Enjoying An Active Retirement

At a pivotal stage in life, 55 and older communities allow people to stay close to their families and friends while experiencing a new environment, meeting new people and staying active with sports, classes, and health and wellness programs, all in a resort-style setting. Learn more about 55 and Older Communities

55 and Over Communities

Seniors who choose 55 and over communities enjoy a rich, secure and senior-oriented lifestyle while still enjoying the independence and freedom of a typical neighborhood. Learn more about 55 and Over Communities

55 Plus Communities: Not Your Grandma’s Retirement Home

The country is seeing increased demand for services and healthcare provisions specific to the “baby boomer” demographic. The development of 55 plus communities allows seniors to have both of these needs met, while at the same time retaining their independence. Learn more about 55 Plus Communities